Banned in Boston


Public enemy No. 1

Public enemy No. 1

City bans all smoking in public parks, including cemeteries and Boston Common, immediately. The ban extends to e-cigarettes, because “ordinary, decent citizens just can’t stand the sight of anyone even pretending to smoke a cigarette”, Mayor Thomas Menino told FWIW – “we call it visual/mental pollution, and studies have shown it’s almost as deadly as observing someone sipping from a 20-oz soda cup.”

Boston Council members admitted that the primary purpose of the ban is to discourage smoking. No mention of when the citizens who gave politicians a limited power to make decisions for them extended their grant to include personal health, but “mandatory flossing is next”, Mayor Menino promised. “Have you any idea of the cost to society of tooth decay?”


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19 responses to “Banned in Boston

  1. weakleyhollow

    I’m surprised to hear that the ban includes marijuana; I would have expected that to be a politically correct activity with the crowd that runs Boston.

  2. LMNOP

    Before he flies off in the sunset on his private jet to Bermuda, Mayor Nanny Bloomie quietly signed an e-cigarette ban. What galls me about all these laws, the Michelle Obama Kids Lunch 2-calorie diet, the Michelle Obama Lets Drink Water plan, the new law requiring vending machines to post calories of that bag of chips you crave, the no smoking bans, the big gulp ban, they all presume people want to eat healthy or want to quit smoking. That’s about as far from the truth as Hillary saying she knew nothing about Benghazi.

  3. Rivman

    I don’t really care if people want to kill themselves via smoking. The one benefit is no cigarette butts on the ground.

    • AJ

      If cigarette butts were the problem, then they should legislate field stripping, meaning you strip the plant matter tobacco from the cigarette which will decompose just like any leaf that might fall from a tree and put the filter in your pocket until it can be disposed of in the trash.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    To think that Massachusetts, cradle of the American Revolution, has slipped so far is most discouraging.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Do you have any prognostications for 2014? That means what do you think is going to happen? I have a few, if I may be so bold.

    Lou Reed will not release a new album.

    Francis is going to exit the dirt business to become a full time understudy for Nathan Lane. You will partner up with the GAR Evil Princess to form a new agency called “Spank My Bottom. Please”.

    You will continue your futile efforts to try and shoot Bambi. You will be as successful at this as you are at selling dirt. Or writing.

    A baby will die. Did someone say dead baby?

    What’s the difference between a Dead Baby and a tree?
    One is legal to hit with an axe.

    Your Pal,

  6. AJ

    Physician, heal thyself:

    BROWARD COUNTY, FL — A Florida judge presiding over misdemeanor drug cases reportedly showed up to work intoxicated and had to be removed from court. In a palpable irony, even a person who has dedicated her career toward meddling in other people’s lives and using the force of government against them is herself incapable of keeping herself sober at work. The judge faces no legal consequences and instead of being carted off to jail like so many of the recreational drug users she has dealt with, she will voluntarily put herself in rehab.

    Judge Gisele Pollack, who founded Boward County’s misdemeanor drug court in 2005, was seen verbally assaulting her judicial assistant and yelling for her car keys to be returned before another judge intervened, according to an unidentified source.

    The tirade followed Pollack’s abrupt dismissal of the day’s session after only serving an hour and a half on the bench, during which time she began slurring her words while addressing defendants.

    “She’s not afraid to lock somebody up if they’re repeatedly thumbing their nose at authority.”

    One can only speculate how many cases Pollack, an admitted alcoholic, may have presided over while under the influence. She says she will address what she calls “health issues” during an intensive two week outpatient program before returning to the bench.

  7. Chris R.

    meanwhile, here on the Left Coast, fires in fireplaces have been banned for an unprecedented twenty two days (including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day since November:

    and today too.

  8. AJ

    Is the legalization of marijuana just another ploy to violate your fourth amendment rights? Odd since they have yet to prove that smoking pot impairs driving, and tests done in England proved that it may even improve your driving.

    “LOS ANGELES, CA — As drivers prove their innocence at warrantless police checkpoints this New Year, they will not only be scrutinized over their potential consumption of alcohol. A new technology will enable the police to detect and arrest drivers for having marijuana, narcotics, and “other drugs” in their bloodstreams.

    The recently unveiled device is a portable saliva swab analyzer, capable of immediately sampling body fluids for the presence of foreign intoxicants. The machines were paid for by grants from the state.

    “Traditionally, our office has focused on drunken driving cases,” Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said. “We’re expanding drug collection and aggressively enforcing all impaired-driving laws.”

    The city attorney said that he had “anecdotal” evidence that medical marijuana users were endangering the streets. The new tactics were applauded by the checkpoint lobbyist group, MADD.

    During police roadblocks, drivers are stopped without probable cause and forced into non-consensual interactions with government agents in which they must demonstrate their sobriety before being allowed to continue traveling down the public street.

    The saliva swabs are but one of the searches that police can coerce a driver into allowing. Should the driver refuse a saliva search, the police can seek a warrant for a forced blood draw. …”

  9. went to a movie … inside llywen davis, tho that’s not impt to this posting .. and saw trailers for upcoming movies… one of which was rated R ‘for scenes with smoking’. next will come R ratings for scenes of driving without seatbelts,, ugly..

  10. “Walt’s” gushy optimism is hard to compete with but…
    A try:
    Redefine “drone” by going back to it’s original meaning, drunk and stoned.
    Much more fun when done with class and style than lying in submission as the Boston and New York Drone Fleet observe us for our betterment.
    Good place to refine the skill…Denver ?

  11. TheWizard

    People that smoke will be pissed off but will deal with it.
    It’s people that don’t smoke that think stuff like this is a good idea that are the dangerous ones. Letting our freedoms incrementally circle the bowl in the name of safety.
    What I need is protection from tax increases. They’re becoming steady these last few years.

    • Fox

      The unintended consequences of these bans are great fun. Can’t smoke on AMTRAK? Go by car. Can’t smoke on airplanes and in airports? Avoid the TSA feel-up and go by car. Can’t smoke in the park? Oppose spending on now useless parks.

      I now drive from Greenwich to California each year to escape the PC totalitarianism of the unfriendly skies. I have a lot of fun discovering the nooks and crannies of America along the way and the marvelous satisfaction of spreading my carbon footprint from sea to shining sea.

      • weakleyhollow

        Good point, but don’t get too comfy smoking in your car. Sooner or later they’ll ban that, too, for your own good. They can see you in there, you know, plus, I’m sure there is, or will be, research proving that smoking in cars is very distracting.

    • weakleyhollow

      “Visual/mental pollution?” I suppose liberals… oops, sorry, progressives, can’t stand to see even an imitation of someone doing the sinful deed.