Modern Academia and its fruits



Toward a Feminist Postcolonial Milk Studies (Actual Title)

The author of this “academic” article is one Greta Gaard, described as:

Greta Claire Gaard (born 1960, Hollywood, California) is an ecofeminist writer, scholar, activist, and documentary filmmaker. Gaard’s academic work in the realms of ecocriticism and ecocomposition is widely cited by scholars in the disciplines of composition and literary criticism. Her theoretical work extending ecofeminist thought into queer theory, vegetarianism, and animal liberation has been influential within women’s studies. A cofounder of the Minnesota Green Party, Gaard documented the transition of the U.S. Green movement into the Green Party of the United States in her book, Ecological Politics. She is currently a professor of English at University of Wisconsin-River Falls and a community faculty member in Women’s Studies at Metropolitan State University, Twin Cities.

Roger Kimball discusses Miss Gaard’s article and its sponsoring organ,  American Studies Association. In brief, he sees the ASA, its demand for the boycott and banning of Israeli scholars, its profoundly anti-American animus and even its giving daylight to this bit of dribble as proof that the days of taxpayer-subsidized higher education are numbered.

God, I hope he’s right. In the meantime, if you’re wondering why that brilliant scholar of yours has a graduate degree and no job prospects, wonder no longer.


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6 responses to “Modern Academia and its fruits

  1. weakleyhollow

    This little tidbit speaks volumes: “extending ecofeminist thought into queer theory, vegetarianism, and animal liberation.” Leaf through one edition of Time, and you’ll see why it’s gone down the tubes. This would be a good one to test drive.

  2. Chris R.

    anybody know if the Duck Dynasty folks are spending the holidays in Taiwan?

  3. Dollar Bill

    The ASA boycott, as Larry Derfner explains here, is about demonstrating how Israel has benefited for years from a double standard, one in which its human rights violations have gone completely unpunished. Kudos to the ASA, whose motion is as pro-American as apple pie…more please!

    And on the subject of academic freedom, and its selective interpretation, Kimball should read this…

    • Mazama

      Anyone who favors civilization over savages will favor Israel over the “Palestinians”. Therefore, logically, ASA would must consist of people who are either conventional anti-Semites or, more likely, self-loathing elites who side with savages in order to appease some psychological affliction which mentally healthy people can’t fathom.

  4. Dollar Bill

    Mazama, anyone who ipso facto believes that supporting perfectly legitimate Palestinian rights to self determination. is thereby favoring “savages” over civilization, and is expressing anti-Semitism in the process, is beyond rational argumentation, and is himself suffering from some psychological affliction. Look in the mirror, Mazama.

  5. CatoRenasci

    Our progeny at college would be better off, I am increasingly convinced, following an explicitly medieval curriculum consisting of the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) and the Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy). They would learn far more about thinking clearly learning classical Latin and disputing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin (i.e. do angels have substance?) than they do in the plethora of idiotic gender, ethnic, and other “studies”, “communications”, “education” and similar “majors” which dominate the post-modern university.

    I cringe at the thought that I wasted something well over a quarter of a million dollars on the college experiences of my kids (and that’s with some scholarships).