Poor timing

"We'll be home for next Christmas...."

“We’ll be home for next Christmas….”

Bloomberg News is out with “Ten Best Cruise Expeditions in The World”, and number one on its list is Antarctica.

Antarctica and the South Shetland Islands

Icebergs and spectacular glaciers, sightings of orca and sperm whales and the opportunity to get close to human-sized penguins and elephant seals are among reasons expedition cruisers are attracted to the stark landscape of the “Great White Continent.” What you won’t find here are many people.

There will be even few people to Bloomberg readers to chat up now that the global warming scientists trapped in ice down there are abandoning ship and preparing to be evacuated by helicopter. “This just proves our theory that Antarctica’s ice is melting”, expedition spokesman Alan Stone told FWIW, “er, somehow – it just depends how you look at it.”


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7 responses to “Poor timing

  1. Should be an extra Happy New Year for the Panamanians !

  2. LMNOP

    IMHO, cruising is a lazy man’s way of sightseeing. Like a drive-by house shopping adventure at sea. I contend you can’t know any country unless you get on your feet and walk walk walk. Even the high end cruise ships take you on shore excursions that every other tourist sees. Waste of money.
    However, as anti-cruising as I am, I’ve done the Antarctica cruise loop and admit its about the only way too see that spectacular neck of the woods. Worth the $$,$$$.$$ per person.

    • Anonymous

      Or bike bike bike. Can be just as slow as walking when you need it to be, but lets you cover more ground – also makes it easier to retrace “steps” if you want to experience something again. Of course, you’ll need the Al Gore brand water paddle bike to visit his vision of Antartica.

  3. Peg

    Once in a while, life turns out just as you wish it would.

  4. Yos

    Yipes! Where’s Shackleton when you need him!?

  5. Also off topic, a prominent NY progressive is also a martial arts enthusiast:


    I think a Sptizer-Weiner ticket for president would be unstoppable. I’m sure Hillary is losing sleep over the possibility.