Could be a grain of truth in this story


Chinese vampire heads west?

Chinese vampire heads west?

Chinese businessman claims he’s interested in buying the NYT. If that happened the paper could at least drop the pretense that it’s not a commie rag, but don’t count on it quite yet – reports say that the  Sulzbergers are not bowled over.


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13 responses to “Could be a grain of truth in this story

  1. EOSredux

    I’ve always read the Times with gritted teeth as they are so left of left it makes MSNBC look like Fox. Take their front page story online now re deBlasio’s inaugural speech.

    Hmmm, the Times says: wow, what a great guy he is, gonna make income inequality a priority, that what he said in the campaign was not rhetoric.

    Meanwhile, back in RealityLand, deBlasio has accepted the kind invitation of the NY Taxpayers to receive the $2.7 annual mayoral salary and during the speech, elves were busy unpacking his underwear into the fine mahogany dressers at Gracie Mansion.

    I also heard his wife is expected to accept the kind invitation of NY Taxpayers and take a paid post in the mayoral office. Must be nice to care about income inequality while not actually practicing what you preach.

    PS: Happy New Year everyone. I shoulda had a FWIW party today as I made an incredible batch of chili. Wicked good if I do say so myself. Topped with lime, some sour cream and cheddar cheese. Some wanted saltines with it. Mmmm. Later tonight we plan to film Pooter Episode 119!!

    • Anonymous

      Why would he not take the salary ($270K a year), he is not a billionaire like Bloomberg.

      • EOSredux

        That’s $2.7 MILLION salary!! Not $270k.

        Read the NYT article about Bloomberg and what he spent. In that article it details the mayor salary. I have no problem that deBlasio takes a salary but $2.7 million is not exactly chump change. If he is serious about inequality, let him say he won’t take it all.

        • You’re confused, EOS. The salary referred to is what Bloomberg would have been paid over his entire tenure, not the annual salary.

        • EOSredux

          My bad. You are absolutely right George. Thanks.

          Never mind.

          “Mr Bloomberg effectively gave the city coffers $2.7 million by only taking $1 of the annual $225,000 salary. He funded all staff travel by private jet on his frequent jaunts, at a total cost of about $6 million.”

        • UninsuredFenian

          EOS, ease back on eggnog or whatever you’re imbibing – NYC mayoral salary last I checked was $225KKKK NOT 2.7 MILLLL!!!!!!

        • EOSredux

          Read my already published mea culpa UF.

          Not drinking a thing.

          • Hey EOS, is your allegiance to Philadelphia limited to its baseball team or do you also like the Eagles? I caught an Eagles game on TV a couple of months ago and was hugely impressed by their QB, young Nick Foles (sp?). Since then I’ve been trying to follow his progress- somewhat hard to do in the Tri-State Jets/Giants/New England zone,and, a couple of so-so games aside, he looks like a huge star in the making.
            I’m making chili myself this Saturday and intend to chow down and see how he does against the Saints. He’s a pretty exciting guy to watch.

        • EOSredux

          If you are going to follow them, you must first pronounce the team name correctly; it’s IGGLES, not Eagles! I expect Gideon will do a video on this particular pronunciation oddity.

          And nooooooo, we do not like the Iggles one bit. They, and their fans, are nasty. Not even growing up did I root for them. Hubby roots for The Patriots. Patriots and Eagles fans are like oil and water. When not a Giants fan, I root for Denver.

          Perfect weekend weather for chili. Assuming you have power after the storm. Your recipe anything you want to share? Mine is pretty basic, ground burger plus pulled shreds of brisket, lots and lots of chili powder, bay leaf, whole tomatoes squished, tomato paste, onions, garlic, and good old red beans.

  2. After reading NYT Micheal Moore article today… will he be new Editor…..?

  3. housecat

    EOS: worcestershire sauce. (I put it on the ground beef once it’s cooked and in the pot, but before mixing everything.)

  4. Balzac

    EOS, we love you.
    But what is Pooter Episode 119?
    As Johnny Carson used to say, is it something Ed McMahon did with two sheep and a fork-lift truck? And do you dare film it?
    Is it something that Walt needs to investigate?