Parsonage Cottage

Parsonage Cottage

The Greenwich Housing Authority is pressing the town to forgive a loan made to Parsonage Cottage*, and has rejected the BET’s proposal to restructure that  loan rather than forgive it outright.

The authority declined to even discuss the stipulations in their formal response to the BET.

“Some of the conditions we won’t even entertain,” said Yankowich, citing the need to keep the Housing Authority fundamentally independent from town government and control.

Fundamentally independent, to Yankowich and friends, apparently means we have to loan them money and they don’t have to pay it back.

And there’s this to consider: It was a loan repayable over thirty years but …

The initial improvements the loan financed are now over 16 years old and will be in need of repairs themselves in the near future, housing officials say.

So we’re borrowing on 30 years to purchase things that will wear out in 15. They’ll be back.

*History of the cottage here.


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4 responses to “Chutzpa

  1. Anon

    Didn’t really like the history of the Parsonage Cottage. You had to read a very long (and “dry”) article to get to this line, “Today, the building that was once the “Poor House” is now a modern assisted-living facility for the elderly.” My main problem is that very few people understand what the Cottage is about today, and if they don’t read the whole thing (and just the headline, for example) they will assume that the seniors there today are associated with this original use of that facility (which they are not). It is not a facility for the indigent, but rather a very good option for seniors who cannot live alone but are not ready for a nursing home facility.

  2. Greenwich Taxpayer

    The RTM will roll over and give away more of our tax dollars by forgiving the loan if it gets to them, especially when they roll out all the seniors, like they did for The Nathaniel Witherell.

  3. Publius


    The loan issue is really a side bar. The real issue is why Greenwich, or any other town for that matter is running an assisted care facility and a nursing home? The issue of the size of the Greenwich budget vis-a-vis other similarly sized towns ( ie Fairfield) has been raised on this blog in the past. Why is there a questions as to where all the money goes? It seems obvious to me, perhaps because I don’t live in the town and have not fallen into the pot of water that is slowly being raised to a boil each fiscal year.

    Governments have no business in this business and those that petition for these things are simply using their leverage to get others to fund something that they should pay for privately. Clearly, there are numerous programs at the state and federal level (medicaid and medicare for example) that address those that have little or no resources. Why is Greenwich playing the fool? It clearly does not earn any brownie points with the Progressives in Hartford.

  4. GWChase

    “Forgive the debt, but don’t look at my finances” – how stupid must we be to buy that? Oh, but if you do, I have a bridge…