It was grey, and rather stringy, as I remember

This fox tail will be just the thing

This fox tail will be just the thing

Wal-Mart recalls donkey meat.

UPDATE: Chris R found this amusing video about “gutter oil”  – I don’t think I’ll be dining in China soon.


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7 responses to “It was grey, and rather stringy, as I remember

  1. Chris, can we ask an off-topic question?
    Upon the departure from office of the ultimate 1%er Mike Bloomberg, we learn that his squeeze Diana Taylor, age 58, grew up in Old Greenwich. Wouldn’t that put her in the cohort of the Fountain brothers? Any memories to share?

  2. Anonymous

    This brings new meaning to the expression “eating ass”.
    Beat Walt to it.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    The donkey has gotten a bad rap. It is also commonly called an ass. What did it do to deserve that? At least you and I earned it. The donkey did nothing wrong!!

    It has been a beast of burden for like 5,000 years, when the dinosaurs still wandered the earth. It did all the heavy lifting, so we didn’t have to. And we call it an ASS? A JACK ASS? And who was Jack?

    I actually don’t even know what a donkey is. Is it a mule? A retarder dwarf horse? Why do the slums like to date them?

    I have so many questions. But I actually don’t give a donkeys dick.

    Your Pal,

  4. heck, once it’s fried up, the meat is probably the least thing to worry about: