We’re number one!

Connecticut leads the nation in people moving out. New York is second.


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  1. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Haven’t seen this “Shoreline Resiliency Fund” before. This $2mm in funding is just for “organizational costs”. I wonder how much of this will actually be funded.


  2. weakleyhollow

    But at least you’re Progressive. That should count for something – I’m not sure what.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      That Barack, Hillary, Dannel, Andrew, & Bill, (DeBlasio, not Dullard (though he surely does too)) identify themselves as “Progressives” says all one needs to know about the value of the label and it’s associated doctrine.

  3. Joey

    The real question is: Who is it that is moving from CT and NY? For at least a decade it has been those who can not afford or do not want to pay the high prices and taxes. The ROW in these states have left for greener pastures and we are left with celebrities, Wall Street folks and trust fund guys.

  4. Anonymous

    Mossberg of North Haven is building Duck Commander model firearms, including two semi-autos. Mossberg hasn’t left ……. yet.

    • LMNOP

      Fox just showed the full new Duck Dynasty ad for their Mossberg line of guns. Each camo gun has the DD logo, Faith Family Ducks. I’d buy one. Or two.

      • Anonymous

        Check out this new bad boy from Remington. It’s legal in most of the sissy states including CT. Remington, currently of Ilion, NY, soon to be of South Carolina. Hey Chuckie and Andrew, say bye-bye.


        The new Mossbergs are Duck Commander, which is the Robertson’s family brand. Duck Dynasty is owned by A&E (“Atheists & Elitists,” or “Assholes & Elitists” take your pick) with a royalty paid to the Robertsons. Buy Duck Commander not Duck Dynasty.

  5. Publius

    I think CT should be proud of that accomplishment given that it is so difficult to go a few miles on its roads or trains in a few inches of snow or in the usual rush hour traffic. I guess that just reinforces ideal that something worth doing is worth doing well………..

    Full Disclosure: It took my 3 hours on Metro North to get to work today with about +/- 4-5 inches of snow….. Old diesel, snow in the cars, little or no heat, ceilings dripping with water and doors frozen shut unable to open… pathetic

    • LMNOP

      The TV channels are on orgasm overdrive with blizzard reporting asking people to tweet pix of the massive snows. Pathetic. Six inches does not a blizzard make. The roads are fairly clean (except the off/on ramps). Tonight I do expect the roads to be black ice.

      • I understand the need for the media to hype these things out of all proportion, but it does get annoying. -20 degrees is “colder than Mars”? Perhaps it is, but when I lived in Maine, we’d wake up to -20 for days on end and somehow managed to go about our business. Phah.

        • LMNOP

          The continuation of the pussifcation of Americans. The NYT wants us to think that its a huge deal that deBlasio is using a shovel to clear his Park Slope sidewalk. Big whoop.

          Ask Alaskans about cold and snow. They would yawn at our temps and snow accumulation.

  6. Peg

    It’s the weather – wink wink wink 😉

    BTW, East Coast Wimps: Sunday the powers that be are predicting a HIGH of minus 18 and a LOW of minus 25.

    We Martians know how to handle the tough stuff.

    • Fred2

      Winnipeg actually got there for real – colder than the surface of Mars. -53c

      That was before the windchill.

      For reference you could move your propane in an open container that .temp. Though its not recommended.

      To quote a friend from there on a smoke break… Dammit my whiskey froze over… Next time ill have to drink it neat.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    The NYT wants us to think that its a huge deal that deBlasio is using a shovel to clear his Park Slope sidewalk. Big whoop.

    To all but its devoted readership, the NYT has become a complete laughing stock for it’s kissing up to the progressives and provision of complete cover for their misbehavior.

  8. Cos Cobber

    While not to be completely dismissed, the Atlas Van Lines survey data will always show more outbound than inbound traffic for a few reasons.

    I) Moving services are for upper middle and higher income households. Immigrants and those under 30 arriving in CT are far less likely to use a prof mover. Therefore those coming to CT to get their start are not accounted for by Atlas (like myself)
    II) Building on the above, many in CT leave at a higher level of economic status than when they arrived, so again, they can afford a prof mover on the outbound.

    That all said, Forbes and the Tax Foundation often analyze the IRS released tax return data to track migration which is far more comprehensive. I think the IRS data will show something similar, but not as extreme, otherwise we’d have a shrinking population (which we don’t, but admittedly its close to shrinking).

    In other news, about 10 days ago Hearst rand an editorial calling out Malloy on job creation and the pathetic results thus far. Perhaps even Hearst has noticed that the economy isn’t so hot.

    • That skewed demographic occurred to me, CC, but I think it makes the situation even worse than it might appear – if the accomplished people are moving out and the poor are moving in, that’s not good for the redistributionists. Of course, those who are just starting out in their careers could certainly move up and, eventually, refill the piggy bank, but I’m guessing there are far fewer of those than the poorer folk.