Yeah, but it’s just the Second Amendment they’re crushing; they’ll stop there, right?

Connecticut citizens line up to register their “high capacity” magazines with the state police.

Next up might be the 4th amendment but fortunately America, unlike some nations, would never permit the government to spy on law abiding citizens, just terrorists, and as for them well, if it saves the life of just one child …

Weimar Republic orders citizens to turn in their weapons

Weimar Republic orders citizens to turn in their weapons


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8 responses to “Yeah, but it’s just the Second Amendment they’re crushing; they’ll stop there, right?

  1. CT is just the beginning! Can’t wait to get out!

  2. Anonymous

    The submissive serfs of New England.

    The 4th Amendment was suspended in Watertown, MA, for armed warrantless searches of thousands of homes as part of the the fed, state, and local gestapos search for the Tsarnaevs. The brothers whom the Feds couldn’t find, ignored FBI warnings about, and who were harder to locate because Obama banned surveillance on mosques.

    MA is another state of sissy poofters.

    How long until the confiscations start in CT?

  3. AJ

    “It is a known fact that the FBI is the biggest source of domestic terrorism in America. Since there are no legitimate domestic terrorists for these clowns to catch, they are creating them instead. The reason they are engaging in such ridiculous behavior is because they have to justify their pointless and ridiculous jobs. It also serves as a great way to justify different political agendas and boost cable television ratings. For years they have been entrapping useful idiots and masterminding various terror plots. They’ve also been involved in the investigation of various staged hoaxes so the hoax itself can be covered up properly and the official narrative propagated to the masses. Perhaps even more insane is that many of these staged events appear to now be occurring roughly every six weeks. It is true that these events don’t always happen six weeks apart but usually the FBI doesn’t go much longer than two months before they are involved in another highly questionable event. After all, there are undoubtedly a number of logistical challenges that go along with staging these elaborate hoaxes so perhaps they can’t always stick to the planned schedule. …”

  4. AJ

    ‘Sandy Hook Police Report Contains No Evidence That Mass Shooting Took Place And Strengthens Notion That Event Was A Fabricated Hoax’

    “The full police investigation into the alleged Sandy Hook mass shooting has finally been released to the public. The release contains thousands of documents including hours of video footage and numerous photographs pertaining to the investigation. As expected the content is heavily redacted which alone raises more questions about the official story. Perhaps even more interesting is the content that hasn’t been redacted which by itself provides more evidence suggesting that this so-called shooting incident is a complete and total fabrication.

    First off, the timing of this release is highly suspicious. If the police were looking to release this information at a time when as few people as possible would see the material, this was it. The material was released this past Friday afternoon when many people were getting ready to leave work or were on vacation due to the end of the year holidays. They also chose to release the videos in WMA file format which is one of the larger video file formats you could encode video into. If they wanted as many people as possible to see the video footage they would be compressing these into smaller file formats. Obviously they wanted the opposite to happen.

    Some of the non-redacted material is very interesting. For example, there are photos showing the clothing that the supposed shooter Adam Lanza was said to be wearing. According to the official story Lanza was said to have committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. When someone gets shot in the head it typically results in a bloody mess. If you look at these photos there isn’t one speck of blood on any of his clothes. Unless he stripped out of his clothing before killing himself it is impossible to believe that no blood stains would be found. The same can also be said about the photos of the weapons Lanza allegedly used. There is no blood shown on any of them including on the Glock hand gun that he would have most likely used to kill himself.

    Upon initial inspection of the video footage an extremely large portion of it is redacted. While they might be able to justify redacting footage taken inside the building, it is hard to understand why large segments of footage taken outside of the building have also been redacted. What could possibly be so graphic outside of the building requiring such large portions to be removed? The only explanation is that there are things shown that would raise serious questions about the official story. It is also worth noting that some of the footage shows police wandering around with very little sense of urgency. Quite strange behavior from the cops considering what a traumatic situation was said to be taking place.

    Photos allegedly showing Adam Lanza’s autopsy have all been redacted. So there is no proof of Lanza’s dead body or that a proper autopsy was ever conducted on said dead body. Lanza’s mental health records were also redacted from the report. This is all of course assuming a person named Adam Lanza ever existed to begin with. …”