I suppose this is the daughter who won’t be managing Malcolm’s car museum

Tina Pray deassecioning family's art collection

Tina Pray  deaccessioning family’s art collection

Tina Pray arrested again.

The daughter of late auto magnate Malcolm Pray was arrested Tuesday after she reported her boyfriend had pulled a gun on her during a domestic dispute.

When Greenwich police units arrived on high alert minutes later, they discovered she had fabricated the story, police said.

Part-time reality TV star Natasha “Tina” Pray, 50, of 80 North Sound Beach Ave., is facing a range of charges stemming from the incident, including two counts of falsely reporting an incident, disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment, among others.

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43 responses to “I suppose this is the daughter who won’t be managing Malcolm’s car museum

  1. LMNOP

    I know the police are obliged to follow the law but when it’s obvious that this woman is in serious mental distress, what good does it do to also slap her with a long list of charges? I’d say the police would benefit from using common sense and see what family member can take her to Silver Hill toot sweet.

    • Anon58

      I heard that at least 10 GPD cars (with some cops wearing heavy armor and toting assault weapons) responded to the scene. Slap her with the bill it cost the Town for this little stunt.

      • LMNOP

        Yes, she should pay for the Town bill. I agree, but for someone of means, paying the bill is meaningless. It’s just writing a check. She needs serious help. I don’t know Tina so I don’t know if anyone is left in her family who wants to be responsible for getting her help, but someone needs to. Maybe they have already done so a 100 times and want to let her pay the consequences on her own, even if its jail time, but I don’t happen to feel that anyone should be given up on.

      • AJ

        That’s just the way cops respond to everything these days. I’m surprised they didn’t come in their tank. Or don’t you guys have one yet?

    • LMNOP

      Addicted as she was, Amy Winehouse was the best damn female singer of our time. She could belt out a song like Rehab without a thousand audio specialists in the background tweaking the sound. (think Beyoncé). Tony Bennett called her the single best voice he’s ever worked with.

      I remember when the song Rehab came out. I put it on my iPod and listened to it nonstop. Anon, thanks for the memory, sad as it is that she’s gone.

      • I’ve often wondered whether talented musicians are too sensitive for the world or are we just more aware of their deaths because of their prominence, but either way, the music world’s littered with their corpses,from Hank Williams to Keith Whitley to Graham Parsons, Janice Joplin, Hendrix, Curt Corbain to Winehouse to – on and on and on. Such a waste.

        • LMNOP

          More often it’s because the musician is surrounded by his/her entourage of yes people. It goes back to Elvis when his own “doctor” prescribed him a shitload of painkillers. Ditto Michael Jackson.
          Any Winehouse seemed like a tough bird to me with the bonus of a family who tried to keep her grounded so I was surprised she still succumbed.

        • Walt

          Dude –
          People of the arts are generally more in touch with the things around them, and their senses are in fact more fine tuned than ordinary folk. They are more sensitive. And they are gifted. But flawed because of it.

          This does in fact make them more vulnerable than the rest of us heathens. But also makes them capable of incredible expression. Because they feel things we don’t. Which makes them feel things that we can blow off, ordinary issues, as insurmountable problems. That they can’t deal with.

          The moral of the story? Everything has a price. And enjoy greatness when you see it. Because it is fleeting.

          Now here is Amy at her best. And she was an incredible talent. And probably great in bed. You untalented hack.

          Your Pal,

        • TheWizard

          That’s very eloquent, Walt, but unfortunately complete bullshit.

          Refuse to grow up, die at 27 in a cocktail of drugs. Their talent / fame ends up being a curse because it enables the unwillingness to mature.

  2. InfoDiva

    This woman’s history is so sad. Hard to believe that a family of such means cannot find effective help for her.

  3. Anonymous

    This proves the Greenwich police will arrest you for “making up” allegations. Can anyone explain why the same police force wouldn’t arrest Peter Silbereisen for making up the allegations that harbor master MacMillan was taking pornographic pictures when what he was doing was documenting the illegal activity of Silbereisn? seems to me charges of child pornography are very very serious.
    Why wouldn’t the selectmen stand up and put Silbereisen in his place?
    What this says to me is that we treat our police like true professionals by equipping them with nothing but the best and building them a Taj Mahal of a headquarters and they really are nothing more then a micky mouse force that disregards the law when it comes to looking out for their own.

  4. Seriously? On my Armani? Are you kidding?!


    • AJ

      Wow, I found even that short clip hard to watch. I guess you have to suffer through the whole show if you want to find out which of these two is the bigger asshole. I could not imagine spending time with either of these girls. Well, actually I can, but after about two seconds my mind shuts down and can go no further.

  5. Magnate?

    Pray was wealthy but no magnate. She has too much free time on her hands. People at this level still do not realize they are living in a Police state and they want to arrest anything that moves to get your fingerprints and ruin your life. Stop calling 911 people.

  6. GPD Folk

    You’re soooooo right Magnate?…we wake up each and every day just yearning to ruin some innocent person’s life all in the name of a Police State! OK who’s next?

    • AJ

      You guys actually cook things up? And here I was thinking you just busted people’s balls at random out of sheer boredom.

  7. Hope it's you

    We need a Police force to monitor the Police force. How many outrageous cop videos do we need to see before you realize cops have too much authority and not enough education.

  8. Anon

    With all due respect, Tina wouldn’t be living in a rental on North Sound Beach if her family hadn’t shut down the cash flow in an attempt to get her into treatment. I feel sorry for her sisters and step mother. Tina, if you are reading this, and you do read this blog, make this your bottom and go ask for and accept some help. You have a lot of people who care about you and want you to be healthy and get better.

  9. AJ

    The Greenwich Police do not have it easy though: once these wild women of Wongo (Greenwich) take to drinking, there’s no telling what they might do.

  10. Cop Advantage

    Anyone with a cop in the family or as a friend seems to take advantage of that leverage for some reason. It’s shoot first and untangle the mess later. Cops are not always right and in thios Police state, they have the upper hand. Your tax dollars even protect them. I’m all for privatizing our security. It makes the employee accountable. Today cops are accountable to nobody

  11. So Sad

    There are 2 great sisters. One is a Registered Nurse and the other is a philanthropist. Parents were very good. How did this one go so bad?

  12. Greenwich Gal

    So what is it exactly are their addictions? Other than other people’s money of course….

  13. Greenwich born & raised

    What about the creep who is Tina’s boyfriend? What a LOSER, he’s like 30 dating a 50 year old woman who beats him up? He looks happy enough driving around town in her multiple porsche’s, talk about a cad.

  14. Mrs Lincoln

    I thought you were never going to post about Tina again.

    The child (yes, at 50 as she never grew up) needs to hit bottom and hopefully she will have a friend left who will help her transition away from alcohol. She has a great sense of humor but stupid is as stupid does and we all know that you can’t cure stupid.

    Seems her BF had seen all this coming if he had the sense to video it. Who is she going to date now? Bueller…..Bueller…

  15. snocone

    north sound beach! omg! poor tina prayllude has really hit bottom.

  16. This is not the first time Pray has faked assault charges against a man unfortunate enough to become involved with her, just the first time that she has gotten caught. It is too bad that the restraining order was not extended to protect the entire male population of Greenwich, at lease. Kudos to law enforcement!

    Now that her father has cut her out of his will and her step father will not constantly enable her with cash the way her late mother did, she will find an actual job. Rehab first!

  17. RaisedInRiverside

    What is “North Sound Beach Ave”? Shouldn’t that be Sound Beach Ave Ext.??

  18. Anon

    I just hope the GPD read this blog.

  19. PB

    Teflon Tina – She’ll be back