I’m so proud of you, mom

Michelle Pritchett, from Sweet Water, Alabama, apparently indulged in more than just “cool, clear water” at the Alabama-Oklahoma Sugar Bowl game.


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  1. Al Dente

    Everyone’s worried about pot and pills and other drugs. Only booze can make you do that.

  2. EOSredux

    Seems it’s a he said-she said event:

    Pritchett said she was at the game with her husband, her 16-year-old son, her son’s girlfriend and son’s girlfriend’s sister, and some other friends. She said she’s a big Alabama fan and she’s bantered with opposing fans, but this time, it got to be a little too much.

    Pritchett said she had had a couple of drinks but wasn’t intoxicated, and she said the Sooner fans had gotten out of control.

    “Even some of the people with them said ‘y’all are getting too rowdy, this is getting out of control,'” she said.

    Pritchett said she’s sorry for her actions, that she wouldn’t normally respond that way. She said she wants to apologize to both Oklahoma fans and Alabama fans.

    “I apologize to the whole Alabama team, to Nick Saban,” she said. “I apologize to the whole Alabama base. That’s not the way I would normally handle things. But when he told my son to come down there, that wasn’t going to happen.”

    Michael Connolly, the Oklahoma University junior who Pritchett jumped on, told Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard blog his side of the story Friday. Connolly said the two groups of fans had been taunting each other all game and Pritchett came after them after Pritchett’s son told them to come up and fight him. They told him to come down to them, Connolly said.

    Pritchett said the Oklahoma fans had been rowdy all game, and that security had been called up to the area twice to see if someone in the section had been tossing things down into the lower level.

    Either way, she’s now one infamous mom. Just Google her name.

    PS: Got that pot of chili simmering yet? Good day for it. What time should we be there?

    • Chili’s bubbling away and you’re welcome to partake but I have to warn you, I’ll be watching that Eagles QB Foley to see how he does.
      The “two-beer defense”, by the way, is used universally by every driver stopped for DUI who is still capable of speech. From reviewing videotapes of my own clients over the years, I’d say that most are very bad counters.

      • TheWizard

        One of 2 scenarios: Either the weather and the hostile crowd knocks the Saints off their game and the Eagles win by 7+ OR the Saints dominate.

        Either way, every sports blog guy will say he knew it was going to happen.

      • EOSredux

        I made a batch of homemade split pea soup with carrots, onion, and ham because children of friends of mine growing up (children as in their 30s!) got stuck at HPN when their flights were cancelled back to Chicago. I said, come, stay, mangia Salvatore. Little did I know (a) they are Eagles fans and (b) she’s a gluten-free vegan. I think the latter offends me more than her allegiance to the Eagles. Could be a looooong weekend.

        Q: What does one feed a gluten-free vegan? I have Wellness kibble for Dawg! Does that work?

        • Feed her this: gluten myth exploded
          My personal sense of etiquette suggests that a guest who insists on a special diet should provide it herself. If I demand free-range venison, for instance, I would expect to hunt it down myself, not ask the hostess to don snowshoes, shoulder a rifle and go gather it for me.
          Give her a map to the nearest food store.

        • housecat

          hmmm…. she could always haul her vegan butt down to the Whole Foods in PC. plenty of gluten-free vegan grub there. hope she’s a good guest who realizes that her mishegoss is *her* problem, not her host’s.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    She is an Alabama fan. What do you expect. She is married to her first cousin.

    Anyhows, have you been outside today Dude? It is ball chilling cold out there. It is so cold, the dogs don’t know in which direction to shit. It is so cold, the deer’s are trying to break into my house. It is so cold, I am picturing Tina Prays red boots wrapped around my head as ear muffs. Can you ask her to call me?

    Brunch today?
    Your Pal,

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    And what is up with Minnesota? They cancelled school because it is too cold?

    Are they shitting me? They live in Minnesota for God’s sake. BUCK UP YOU VIKING HOMO’S!! EAT YOUR LUTEFISK!! This is an embarrassment. Why not close down South Beach because it is too hot? Or shut down the movie business because there are too many Jews? Close Harlem because there are too many Blacks? Shut down Cos Cob because there are too many snow plows? Or above ground pools? DEAL WITH IT YOU LOSERS!!

    We have lost our way as a Nation. We need to toughen up. Where is Peg? I want, NO I DEMAND, to hear from her on this. She is going to succumb to cold weather? PUT YOUR MITTENS ON PEG AND GET OUT THERE. MAN UP!!

    Is everything I have seen in Fargo a lie? Would Steve Buscemi change his plans BECAUSE IT IS TO COLD? I want answers here, Dude.

    Your Pal,

  5. ...

    Reminds me of the video from a parent-teacher conference from the Eastern side of town

  6. towny

    But wait, there is more:
    Notice the son on the right.

  7. How embarrassing for her. She has to live with that her entire life as does her family. She was wrong and it’s on video. She can’t deny what she did. Heckled or not. She was wrong when she left her seat and attacked them. She assaulted people. If she had been a man she would have been arrested after her butt was kicked. What a role model. Now she has to deal with being taunted through social media and blogs. She is all over the internet. Not exactly a positive way to be famous. Her life as she once knew it is over. Her photography business page was slammed with comments and now it’s gone. She has taken down her facebook page. She may not say it but I bet she truly regrets her actions.
    Yes, I am from Oklahoma. However, I don’t follow OU football or OU anything and I was elsewhere when the game aired. It has nothing to with the two schools it has to do with character and actions. If she had kept her mouth shut and her drunk butt settled she would never have been heckled. Those guys were in FRONT of her, they want to watch what is in front of them….the game….not some drunk mom behind them 10 rows!