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Well if Aljazeera says so, that’s good enough for me

The collective farm is holding a reeducation class - hurry, citizens!

The collective farm is holding a re-education class – hurry, citizens!

Cold weather confusing ordinary citizens about the dangers of global warming.

Bet you didn’t hear this when it was hot outside two summers ago:

Cold weather is just that — weather, which is defined by NASA as “conditions of the atmosphere…over a short period of time.”

According to most climate scientists, no weather condition can be linked to climate change.

How about these fudge words, slipped in so they can back track when they want to:

Just as the cold snap can’t necessarily be linked to climate by itself, neither can the unprecedented heat wave currently hitting Australia.

And finally, there’s this call for us all to get in line and start goose stepping again:

As world leaders attempt to craft climate policy, experts say, it’s important everyone be on the same page, or else the confusion could cause gridlock, and humans could continue to warm the globe at record levels.


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P&Z hits property owners again



Their latest proposal, to be heard this Tuesday, January 7th, at Town Hall, is to require applicants to pay the fees of any outside experts the P&Z deems necessary to evaluate the project. Already, P&Z’s strictures on floor area ratios, grade planes, flood elevations, open space, etc. etc. require homeowners interested in even the smallest of projects to incur huge professional fees for architects, surveyors and lawyers. Now, the commission wants you to pay for their side too. I say “side” deliberately: the planning and zoning process was once a collaborative effort between the town and its citizens. Now it’s adversarial, pitting those same citizens against a hostile, entrenched bureaucracy. And the citizens pay their salaries. Funny,huh?


The Planning and Zoning Director and/or the Planning and Zoning Commission may require additional technical assistance in evaluating either a preliminary or final site plan applications submitted, or a modification to an application, if it finds that the nature and intensity of development may have a significant impact on the site and its surrounding areas. After such determination is made, the applicant may be required to pay for hiring one or more outside consultants to assist the Planning and Zoning staff and Commission in analyzing, reviewing and reporting on areas requiring technical review. Such consultant(s) may include, but shall not be limited to engineers, traffic engineers, surveyors, architects etc.
The expense of the additional technical assistance shall be estimated by the Director or Commission based on a preliminary estimate from the consultant chosen by the Planning and Zoning Commission or Director of Planning and Zoning. The estimated cost of reviewing the application times one hundred-fifty percent (150%) shall be paid by the applicantand deposited with the Planning and Zoning Dept. This amount shall be held in escrow until the technical review (s) are completed and the Commission finds the reports and reviews satisfactory. Upon completion of the technical review and final action by the Commission on the application, the Town shall determine the costs incurred for the review and refund the excess monies to the applicant. This payment shall be considered as an integral component of the application and failure by the applicant to make this payment shall render this application incomplete as determined by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Applicants shall not be responsible for the costs incurred for technical assistance which exceed one-hundred fifty-percent (150%)of the Commission’s estimate. Donald Heller, Chairman Richard Maitland, Secretary Dated: December 30, 2013 at Greenwich, CT


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Surprisingly, it took several days for this to surface

Peg sends along the latest Hitler parody


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Putting their money where their hearts are

Slouching toward 740 Park

Slouching towards 740 Park

Luxury condo prices soar in New York

The median sale price for new luxury homes in Manhattan jumped 72 percent — to $7.85 million — in the last year, up from a mere $4.564 million in the last quarter of 2012.

Real estate experts say the trend will continue because the economy has rebounded, people are more willing to take the plunge now and luxury buyers are bidding up the market.

“Even though the prices have risen, they expect them to rise even more. They are very confident,” said Dottie Herman, president and CEO of Douglas Elliman. “The high-end buyers are the ones who really follow the market. They are real-estate junkies.”

And the high-end niche is not just rich foreigners.

“Now a lot of New Yorkers who live and grew up in co-ops are looking at new luxury condos,” said Diane Ramirez, CEO of Halstead Property.

“In the 1980s, the luxury market was about studios, and one- and two-bedrooms,” she said. “Today the new developments going up have two to five bedrooms and more.”

Corcoran says Manhattan homes listed for $100 million are now a “new market reality.” But the other boroughs also are seeing price booms.

Warburg Realty said prices jumped 20 percent in parts of Brooklyn in 2013 — and a couple of town houses in Long Island City, Queens sold for more than $2 million.

“That high-end buyer is still buying and the numbers will only get higher. Everyone is hot on housing,” said Elliman’s Herman.

The majority of these “real-estate junkies” just voted into office a communist who vows to bring class warfare back to the city. Do these buyers really approve of that and now offer their wealth as a sacrifice or do they, like so many deluded liberals in other failed countries, assume that their foes don’t mean to hurt them? It will be fun to see how this plays out.


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More cold

Temperature is forecast to drop from 54 during the day to 11 on Monday night. That same forecast predicts just 11  mph winds but you’d think such a temperature cliff would bring more than that. We’ll see. In the meantime, here’s the latest weather from a Spanish television channel:


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What really interests me is that we now live in a society where someone would want to appear on TV to talk about it

1890: "Pelvic Massager"

1890: “Pelvic Massager”

Three-hour orgasm sends woman to ER.


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So sad


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Well no, it’s her subjects’ gift to her


Michelle Antoinette ponders where to spend her February vacation

Michelle Antoinette ponders where to spend her February vacation

Michelle Obama is staying on in Hawaii while hubby and kids fly home so she can “prepare” for her 50th birthday. Speaking of the extra plane and security detail that will be required to accommodate the First Lady’s arduous task of getting ready for a party, the White House told the nation that the extra time in the islands ” is part of Mrs. Obama’s birthday gift from the president.”

All your bases are belong to us. And your money.


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Give the people what they want and they’ll turn out every time

Menachem StarkCrowd flocks to funeral of Menachem Stark, who was murdered Friday and, according to police, was “a slumlord with a list of enemies a mile long.”

That’s probably going to make solving the case difficult.


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Global warming propaganda and hysteria, circa 2000

Sheep shelter from a blizzard behind a stone wall in the Peak District, England. Snow, sleet and rain have disrupted transport and power supplies as wintry weather continues in much of the UK

Sheep shelter from a blizzard behind a stone wall in the Peak District, England. Snow, sleet and rain have disrupted transport and power supplies as wintry weather continues in much of the UK

As the latest blizzard blasts the UK, I remembered the story in Britain’s “Independent” [sic] from 14 years ago: “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.” Monday 20 March 2000 

Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives. Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain’s culture, as warmer winters – which scientists are attributing to global climate change – produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries.

The first two months of 2000 were virtually free of significant snowfall in much of lowland Britain, and December brought only moderate snowfall in the South-east. It is the continuation of a trend that has been increasingly visible in the past 15 years: in the south of England, for instance, from 1970 to 1995 snow and sleet fell for an average of 3.7 days, while from 1988 to 1995 the average was 0.7 days. London’s last substantial snowfall was in February 1991.

Global warming, the heating of the atmosphere by increased amounts of industrial gases, is now accepted as a reality by the international community. Average temperatures in Britain were nearly 0.6°C higher in the Nineties than in 1960-90, and it is estimated that they will increase by 0.2C every decade over the coming century. Eight of the 10 hottest years on record occurred in the Nineties.

However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

The effects of snow-free winter in Britain are already becoming apparent. This year, for the first time ever, Hamleys, Britain’s biggest toyshop, had no sledges on display in its Regent Street store. “It was a bit of a first,” a spokesperson said.

Fen skating, once a popular sport on the fields of East Anglia, now takes place on indoor artificial rinks. Malcolm Robinson, of the Fenland Indoor Speed Skating Club in Peterborough, says they have not skated outside since 1997. [this article was written in 2000 – just three years after 1997 ] – “As a boy, I can remember being on ice most winters. Now it’s few and far between,” he said.

Warmer winters have significant environmental and economic implications, and a wide range of research indicates that pests and plant diseases, usually killed back by sharp frosts, are likely to flourish. But very little research has been done on the cultural implications of climate change – into the possibility, for example, that our notion of Christmas might have to shift.

David Parker, at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in Berkshire, says ultimately, British children could have only virtual experience of snow. Via the internet, they might wonder at polar scenes – or eventually “feel” virtual cold.

Heavy snow will return occasionally, says Dr Viner, but when it does we will be unprepared. “We’re really going to get caught out. Snow will probably cause chaos in 20 years time,” he said.

The chances are certainly now stacked against the sortof heavy snowfall in cities that inspired Impressionist painters, such as Sisley, and the 19th century poet laureate Robert Bridges, who wrote in “London Snow” of it, “stealthily and perpetually settling and loosely lying”.

Not any more, it seems.

Did that come about? Er, no. Flash forward 13 years:

Winter of 2013 to be longest in history Heavy snow to continue past May. The entire UK has been told to brace for a record-breaking period of bitter Arctic winds, crippling snowfall and plunging temperatures.

Long-range forecasts now point to winter 2013 now being the worst for more than 60 years with Polar conditions stretching right into the beginning of next spring.

The shock warning comes with the UK already shivering in an unseasonably early big freeze with temperatures plummeting to -5C and heavy snow sparking chaos in parts of the UK.

Given this endless campaign of misinformation and whipped-up fear mongering, it’s not surprising that many otherwise sane individuals used to believe that the world was doomed. Eventually however, a lie cannot sustain itself and panic subsides. The switch from “no snow” to “extreme weather” will prolong the life of this bullshit for a while longer – there’s too much money at stake for the global warmists to give up without a fight, but die it will.


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