Give the people what they want and they’ll turn out every time

Menachem StarkCrowd flocks to funeral of Menachem Stark, who was murdered Friday and, according to police, was “a slumlord with a list of enemies a mile long.”

That’s probably going to make solving the case difficult.


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7 responses to “Give the people what they want and they’ll turn out every time

  1. Al Dente

    What’s the deal with those hats? They look like hairy mushrooms.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Al, so good of your to respect other people’s religion.

  3. Walt

    I actually think those hats are pretty cool. I bet they cost a fortune. Do we have a haberdasher in town that makes them? Do you want one as well? If we buy two, maybe we can Jew them down!!

    Anyhows, these guys are the scary Jews. Not your typical run of the mill New York Jew. They scare other Jews. I was lost in Brooklyn once, and they scared the snot out of me. I am not sure why. I think it was the whole curly curl thing on the men. Being killed by a man with girly girl pigtails is not the way I prefer to go out. It just seems humiliating.

    Being killed by a huge black man seems much more appropriate. Does that make me a racist? You homophobe.

    And it is OK to make fun of someones religion. Or anything else for that matter. Not making fun of it causes the problems. See slums gone mad. Mock it, but allow it. And celebrate we are all different. And tolerate that.

    Your Pal,

    • Yos

      Oy Vey Walt! You know those hats are mink,yeh? MINK! In fact, mink’s TAILS! All wrapped around an ice cream tub. Something like that.

  4. Mark B.

    It’s an interesting cultural study if you compare the Mail’s coverage (UK) to that of the Daily News (NY). The News called it his “financial troubles” while the Mail made him look like a Mafioso loan shark who got his.
    I pick door number 2.