Surprisingly, it took several days for this to surface

Peg sends along the latest Hitler parody


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10 responses to “Surprisingly, it took several days for this to surface

  1. Chris you looked great…face redo?

  2. weakleyhollow

    Wonderful! f I had known there was a golden hockey stick, I might have tried for it myself.

  3. Super writing and editing!

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Whoever writes these things is a frigging genius. Making Hitler funny. BRAVO I SAY!!

    If we can’t make fun at the absurdity of life, what are we? Uncivilized? Or French? Which is the same thing really. Right? That is correct? Do you agree, you heathen.

    Are you going to watch the Packers today? I think it is supposed to be negative 19 at game time, with wind chill to fifty below. That is butt chilling cold.

    And why are they called the Packers? Is that a gay thing? NTTAWWT. Just wondering.

    And I have video ideas that I think will take off. Do you have a plaid school girl skirt, Mao?

    Your Pal,

  5. i’m not going to worry about the penguins:

  6. Peg

    Just trying to help out the low information voters among us πŸ™‚ (You know who you are!)

  7. LMNOP

    O/T but this tweet photo is right up your alley. Go forth and pick on this woman.

    @SaltyBlackBroad: I’m supposed to feel sorry for her? Really ?