Well if Aljazeera says so, that’s good enough for me

The collective farm is holding a reeducation class - hurry, citizens!

The collective farm is holding a re-education class – hurry, citizens!

Cold weather confusing ordinary citizens about the dangers of global warming.

Bet you didn’t hear this when it was hot outside two summers ago:

Cold weather is just that — weather, which is defined by NASA as “conditions of the atmosphere…over a short period of time.”

According to most climate scientists, no weather condition can be linked to climate change.

How about these fudge words, slipped in so they can back track when they want to:

Just as the cold snap can’t necessarily be linked to climate by itself, neither can the unprecedented heat wave currently hitting Australia.

And finally, there’s this call for us all to get in line and start goose stepping again:

As world leaders attempt to craft climate policy, experts say, it’s important everyone be on the same page, or else the confusion could cause gridlock, and humans could continue to warm the globe at record levels.


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14 responses to “Well if Aljazeera says so, that’s good enough for me

  1. Al Dente

    These morons should give up and find a new menace.

  2. oh, indeed. in fact, i am sure the current polar vortex is only further proof of global warming (i am sure the Weather Channel has no axe to grind):


    • LMNOP

      CBS This Morning is saying exactly that: global warming has caused polar vortex. LMAO.

    • Mazama

      In California the glaciers on Mt. Shasta – the largest in that state – were discovered a few years back to be growing. Everyone had “assumed” they were shrinking but then someone actually took some measurements and was surprised to learn they’re growing. And, unsurprisingly, the “experts” confirmed Mt. Shasta’s glaciers were growing at the same time all the others in the state are shrinking because of…. global warming.

      And in the Andes some Indians still living as lama herders are literally dying off due to several years of extreme cold that limits growing fodder for their herds. The cause of the extended extreme cold must be, according to a NYT’s article: global warming that has melted some glaciers a couple of valleys away must “somehow” (Its a miracle from Gaia!) be making some places colder.

  3. AJ

    And to think, you all got to put your houses up on stilts because Hurricane Sandy means that global warming is real and sea levels will rise three feet within the next 86 years.

    “An international panel of scientists has found with near certainty that human activity is the cause of most of the temperature increases of recent decades, and warns that sea levels could conceivably rise by more than three feet by the end of the century if emissions continue at a runaway pace. …”
    — from the New York Times, August 19, 2013


  4. AJ

    The idea of global warming will not die easily and fade quietly into the night. Aside from the trillions of dollars that are at stake in the form of cap and trade/carbon credits, this was the idea as cooked up by a think tank in the mid sixties known as “The Report from Iron Mountain” that would enable the government to control the populace as if we were in the midst of a world war — to make whatever sacrifices necessary. After all, nothing less than the life of the planet and the survival of the species would be at stake. This was to be the guaranteed, surefire road to the destruction of the sovereignty of the United States and the dawn of the age of one world government, the NWO.

    What is odd, at least for the believers in GAIA, is that the whole idea of GAIA is that the planet itself has a conscious intelligence that adjusts to keep things just right à la “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. It seems that we, being part of that thin planetary sphere of that intelligence, would not be able to act outside of it, and that all that we either consciously or unconsciously do is only part of GAIA consciousness. In other words the use of fossil fuels is natural, an act of GAIA to avert another Ice Age, something that would be an unimaginable disaster in these modern times, the prevention of which is something that was preordained by GAIA consciousness.

  5. jB

    AGW gave the environmentalists urgency. That was one thing they sorely lacked until then. I don’t expect them to give it up until a sufficient surrogate is in place.

  6. towny

    Big BIG OIL owns Aljazeera

  7. Mother Gaia isn’t as angry as we thought: