And speaking of crooks on vacation

Working man

Working man

Obama’s back, fit, tanned, relaxed and ready to go to war over income inequality. That $4 million vacation was justly deserved, no doubt, but does he really pay taxes at just an 18% rate? Yes he does. No wonder he can identify with his fellow underdogs.

$400,000 per year, plus $400,000 book royalties, plus free meals and lodging, private jets (and military helicopters) for his wife and children, round-the-clock security and medical care, and a vegetable garden in the back yard. Not bad for a community agitator made good.


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3 responses to “And speaking of crooks on vacation

  1. ML

    So why dont the Obamas pay imputed income on benefits for Michelle? If my wife attends a business meeting in which my employer pays, I am charged imputed income for the cost of her meal. Damn hypocrasy!! The public should send Obama a 1099 for the cost of HER vacations where the President is not in attendance.

    • housecat

      Hmmm, does seem rather odd that his rate averages to 18%. Could some of his income possibly be subject to Cap Gains vs earned income rate ? Is that why he dropped the “tax all income at the same rate” schtick? I wonder….