FWIW Exclusive! Buddy Hackett attacks Steph

Kamikaze dwarf buzzes his beautiful model wife on St. Barts.

Mess around with the cabana boy, eh? Die, bitch!

Mess around with the cabana boy, eh?


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4 responses to “FWIW Exclusive! Buddy Hackett attacks Steph

  1. EOSredux

    A million years ago my family vacationed at a resort on the beach in St. Maartin. The first morning my sister and I staked out fab spots on the sand to get a head start on mega tanning. We spiked our towels on a great section that was oddly empty and no more than a half hour later found out why the area we were sitting was empty. It was the landing for the airport. As a jet cam

  2. EOSredux

    As the jet came in, the wheels were almost within touching range. That’s how low they were to where we were sitting. We moved our towels the next day and let another unsuspecting tourist think they found the perfect angle to the sun.

    • Anon

      Funny you mention that beach – we were just there in November. Hanging out there during takeoffs and landings has become a popular activity. Here is a YouTube video featuring that beach….

      • EOSredux

        Too funny. Thanks for the clip. Our trip was in the 1960s, before 747s landed there but jets nonetheless, and wow, they were intimidating. Here’s another YT clip, but of a plane landing!!

        The hotel we stayed in exists still but in quite an UNglamorous new state. It was Le Caravanserai, in its day a teeny but glorious resort on the beach. Today, not so much. Haven’t been back to St. Maartin since. It was the Dutch side that had the casino, right? Is it a nice place to do still, despite the beach landings?