Sale and a contract

Still can’t get the new MLS system to work,so no links, but 49 Indian Mill Road, a contemporary in poor, but salvageable condition, sold for $1.250. There was a time when this refused to move at $1.1, but the market’s gone up. The land abuts the Mianus Nature Preserve and clients of mine had an estimate of $350,000 to completely transform it. $1.5 for a practically new house seemed like a good deal to me but not, alas, to them.

And 81 Husted, asking $1.950, has a contract after just two weeks. It’s a 1938 house that could be renovated, I suppose, but clearly this is going for land value, if you’re trying to price a two-acre lot in this neighborhood.


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6 responses to “Sale and a contract

  1. AJ

    Why did they switch systems: the old one seemed to work fine; the new one doesn’t seem to work at all. Links are pretty basic stuff: web building 101.

  2. Midcountry

    The Husted house was a steal. Not clear why they priced it so low. The street is a little busy – not good for kids to walk or ride bikes – but is very beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      Lots of people walk on Husted every day including me. For pedestrians It certainly beats North, Lake, Maple, Parsonage, Clapboard. Very pretty street and very close to town.

  3. Guest

    That is why 88 Birch an inferior lot and house to this one, went for almost the same price. Birch is safer for kids to walk or ride bikes on.