The Mickster tipped me off to this one


Stop breathing so loudly, pleeese!

Stop breathing so loudly, pleeese!

Ralph Lauren’s niece gets drunk and disorderly on plane, which diverts to Ireland. Confronted by Garda she asks, “would you say that in English, please?”

I also enjoyed this description of her initial bail hearing:

The unusual sitting was held in the downstairs function room of the Brian Boru pub – named after the ancient High King of Ireland – as there is no dedicated courthouse in the area.

Ms Lauren sat only feet away from Guinness and Heineken taps and under switched off disco lights as her name was called out in the licenced premises which was not in operation today.


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12 responses to “The Mickster tipped me off to this one

  1. Cos Cobber

    She has a surprisingly ugly handbag.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    The WASPs are quickly exiting the stage.

    Nah, just hunkering down for the shit storm coming.

  3. Riverside Chick

    Isn’t the Hedonism Resort on Jamacia? They should have just gone there! Half Moon is quite upscale.