What were we just saying about liberals simply denying irrefutable facts?

Dollar Bill speaks up for his fellow Democrats

Dollar Bill speaks up for his fellow Democrats

Last October, we posted a note on a 60 Minute investigation that showed 60% of social security disability awards are fraudulent. Dollar Bill responded with his usual denial of facts mixed with ad hominem attacks:

Dollar Bill   October 7, 2013 at 6:04 pm

Never mind that fraud accounts for less than 1% of all disability payments. Never mind that the majority of claims appeals are denied. Never mind that award rates have fallen during the recession. This CBS special was a Teabaggers wet dream, untroubled by facts or evidence other than a few anecdotes offered by wingnut Senator Coburn of Oklahoma. Just reinforces the lazy and deceptive myth that our country’s decline is being hastened by greedy disabled poors. Not one if 60 Minutes finer moments…typical of brain-dead Teabaggers to lap up this shoddy exercise in journalism.

Dullard Bill wrote all this despite the determination just a few months back that at least 600 “patients” of just one doctor had bilked the LIRR of hundreds of millions of dollars in disability payments.

He wrote that comment despite his own beloved NPR’s airing of a program the previous March, “Unfit for Work: The Startling Rise of Disability in America.”

And of course, Dullard didn’t mention the Progressives’ Bible’s  exposure of that LIRR scam five full years before, in 2008:

Virtually every career employee — as many as 97 percent in one recent year — applies for and gets disability payments soon after retirement, a computer analysis of federal records by The New York Times has found. Since 2000, those records show, about a quarter of a billion dollars in federal disability money has gone to former L.I.R.R. employees, including about 2,000 who retired during that time.

Given that track record, we can expect poor, befuddled Bill to have a similar response to today’s news of yet another huge disability fraud, this time involving 9/11 responders and their friends.

New York – More than 100 people, including 80 police officers and firefighters, were charged on Tuesday as part of one of the largest Social Security disability fraud busts in U.S. history, a scheme that authorities said bilked taxpayers of hundreds of millions of dollars over two decades.

The plot, which has allegedly been underway since at least 1988, involved four facilitators who helped coach hundred of applicants on how to convince the Social Security Administration that because of their psychiatric conditions, they were unable to work and entitled to monthly disability payments, said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

The arrests come less than six months after federal and local authorities arrested more than 70 people in Puerto Rico on disability fraud charges. A former Social Security employee allegedly helped former employees at a pharmaceutical plant there obtain benefits.

So we already know Dollar Bill’s response: “Teabaggers, Koch Brothers, Bush Bush Bush! … Cheney!” – perhaps his Pal Joey can do better.


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7 responses to “What were we just saying about liberals simply denying irrefutable facts?

  1. weakleyhollow

    I like that – “Teabaggers, Koch Brothers, Bush Bush Bush! … Cheney!” But seriously, folks, the fellow in the picture is being very honest; he IS standing up.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Its the biggest scam going….no doubt about it.

  3. Pure Fluff

    You’ll get pretty much the same response as when you discuss voter fraud. Progressive types insist it is infinitesimal, so who needs voter ID? Similar arguments here or with any entitlement program, really.

  4. TheWizard

    Haliburton!…………looks like Jeff Gordon in the pic…………always wondered what those guys did in the offseason…….

  5. Joey

    I think I will chime in since you asked. By claiming that a few hundred people have committed a fraud does not mean that the whole system filled with fraud. There are tens of millions on disability in the US. To prove your point you would have to state what percent of the whole pie is tainted by fraud. And good luck trying to find or estimate that. And, in my humble opinion, I would think it a bit much to extrapolate a fraud percentage by looking at the incidence of fraud by a LIRR workers or a NYC cops. But that is an opinion of course

    • Well Joey, that’s why I put in the link to the NPR report. Here it is again. Go read it, grab all the statistics you want (the one detailing how the number of children on disability’s gone up 700% recently is a good one) and then come back.

      “As I got further into this story, I started hearing about another group of people on disability: kids. People in Hale County told me that what you want is a kid who can “pull a check.” Many people mentioned this, but I basically ignored it. It seemed like one of those things that maybe happened once or twice, got written up in the paper and became conversational fact among neighbors.

      Then I looked at the numbers. I found that the number of kids on a program called Supplemental Security Income — a program for children and adults who are both poor and disabled — is almost seven times larger than it was 30 years ago.”