Yet again, another regulation that will save money

Banned in Boston, and everywhere else

Banned in Boston, and everywhere else

EPA effectively wants to ban wood stoves, but not to worry: for every dollar spent to reduce a stove’s emissions by 80% (they’ve already been hugely reduced from the 1970s), ” the American public will see between $118 and $267 in health benefits,” according to the EPA. “Consumers will also see a monetary benefit from efficiency improvements in the new wood stoves, which use less wood to heat homes. The total health and economic benefits of the proposed standards are estimated to be at $1.8 (billion) to $2.4 billion annually.”

Every single regulation imposed on Americans, from ObamaCare to mandatory mammogram screenings to cigarette advertising to hard hats is always justified by the huge savings the new regulations will bring about. Those savings never, ever materialize, yet the regulators just breeze on through, readying still more.

Will the public ever catch on to this scam? Apparently not.


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9 responses to “Yet again, another regulation that will save money

  1. Cos Cobber

    Up next, ice cream, lawn mowers and excessive breathing (hey its carbon dioxide so it must be regulated!).

    • AJ

      Wood stoves are carbon neutral: wood releases the same amount of CO2 whether it is burned or rots naturally. This is about fine particulate matter.

  2. Anonymous

    Lower the emissions even more and the economic gain will produce the prosperity our great leader promised.

  3. Anonymous

    Regulating wood stoves is one of the enumerated powers of the Fedgov since when?

    Fedgov it’s either evil or stupid, sometimes both. Is there anything it can’t ruin?

  4. weakleyhollow

    I don’t understand why EPA takes comments on proposed regulations. They know what they know. I would like to see their math on the benefits, though. With all the lives saved by EPA and OSHA, it’s surprising that anyone dies anymore.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Not only do the “savings never, ever materialize,” the regulations are a substantive drag on the economy and effectively operate as a tax. As we know, Demoncrats have never encountered a tax they don’t love, except poll taxes of course.

  6. Publius

    The government is incapable of doing any academically accepted rigorous analysis, including cost/benefit analysis and dynamic scoring of various policy initiatives. If you want to see what this approach produces, go to the CBO website and look at their annual 10 year budget forecast and see for yourself how grossly inaccurate their analysis really is.
    Link below for current forecast

    Link below for historical forecasts. Compare forecast to reality

    The EPA? It simply makes stuff up out of (low particulate) thin air

  7. Dutch Said it Best

    “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”
    Ronald Reagan

  8. Anonymous

    First they came for my wood stove…