Thank God for global warming

Global warmist dines with his friends up north

Global warmist feeds the bears

Temperatures “getting dramatically warmer” as the dreaded “polar vortex” is shoved back into Canada.

“Not so fast”, Al Gore told FWIW. “Sure, it’s fine for you that the cold has lifted, and I’m delighted that I can use my yacht again, but consider the plight of the polar bears. Their fur has thinned to adjust for the 90° weather at the north pole, and now they’ll freeze. (Sniff) Poor polar bears.”


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4 responses to “Thank God for global warming

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Seal sushi?

  2. BS for the low info folks from The Ministry:

    yeah, that John Holdren:

  3. Pure Fluff

    And CT’s own Chris Murphy is now on the Climate Change committee – no kidding.