This should ruin your morning

The TSA has released this photograph of indoctrinated children. Presumably it is to show the results of its propaganda film, “Stop, Screen and Go”, used to condition the next generation that the government knows best. “Yes, the ‘Duck and Cover’ crap was the product of an oppressive government obsessed with the ‘threat’ of godless communism,” Dollar Bill tells FWIW, “but only a wet-brained, rump-rustling Teabagger would object to the wise, entirely sensible precautions advocated in this film – oh look, a squirrel!”

Suffer the children to come unto me - I'll keep 'em forever

Suffer the children to come unto me – I’ll keep ’em forever


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10 responses to “This should ruin your morning

  1. Anon

    Link is to polar vortex article.

  2. TheWizard

    I’m hoping somebody will counter with an animation of what dealing with government is really like. Target rich environment.

    • anonymous kitty

      I could make a real one. The film about my 16 year old daughter: “Stop, Screen, Stop again, Go into a private room, Get felt up by a woman who looks like a man, and Go” . All that because she forgot to put her makeup in a plastic baggie, instead keeping it in back back as it moved though machine.

  3. Al Dente

    I loved the days after 9/11 when soldiers with M-16s patrolled the airports. Call me crazy.

    • TheWizard

      I’m willing to bet the soldiers knew who to cast a suspicious eye on, unlike any of our alphabet agencies.

  4. Anonymous

    Please tell me that was photo shopped.

    • Nope – wish I could. It’s possible that the girls’ parents are drug smugglers and used this s a clever ploy to divert suspicion, but more likely it’s a case of sheeple raising little sheeple – weep for our country.

  5. Inquiring MInd

    That is NOT the handwriting of a kid on that poster. Grown ups can be such manipulative pigs.

  6. Mazama

    Don’t forget that the official slogan of the 2012 National Democratic Convention was “We all belong to government.”

    And of course there’s “Government is just a word for all the things we do together.”

    The U.S. as we knew it is over; these kids will never know what they missed.