He’s got at least one believer

Conversation stopper

Conversation stopper

January 6: Former Canadian Defense minister Paul Hellyer claims there are aliens amongst us.

January 9: Woman pulls gun from genitals, threatens boyfriend after argument over existence of aliens 

A domestic dispute that resulted from an argument about the existence of space aliens ended when Jennifer McCarthy of Santa Fe allegedly pulled a handgun from her genital area and pointed it at her boyfriend.

No word which of the two love birds sided with Mr. Hellyer.


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7 responses to “He’s got at least one believer

  1. housecat

    I don’t even want to think about how that could be physically possible. Yuck ! (And ouch!!!)

  2. Yos

    ROFL! You are the all-time best photo editor, any medium. Mad magazine’s got nuthin’ on you, Chris. Dang! (Too much free time, huh?)

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Say, is that picture of your famous grandma????

  4. Cobra

    Brings new meaning to “mouse gun.”

  5. Fred2

    Hellyer is and was universally reviled by the Canadian military. A typical progressive lefty who decided to changes centuries of military tradition. He’s lost his mind in other ways since.