One land sale

Nothing much doing in the way of real estate transactions or even open houses, but that should all start up again next week. Here’s one sale, 3 acres at 9 Oakley Lane (off North Street), $2.5 million. Sold quickly. There’s a house on the site, but not for long.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.47.01 AM


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  1. LMNOP

    There’s no real estate news because the whole world is home anxiously awaiting Obama’s press conference to tell us why the world needs the Promise Zones.

    If you can’t wait until 2:20 to be amused with political lies, in about 2 minutes, Christie is giving a press conference. Hillary is home in Chappaqua rooting for his permanent demise. Barry is thrilled that this story takes away from gates book and Obamacare. Life is good for the Dems today.

    • Cos Cobber

      What happened is Ft Lee is shameful, representing everything that is wrong in politics. I do expect this event to stick like Jennifer Flowers however, especially if Christie expunges these people.

  2. It pays to know the neighbors

    You couldn’t pay me to take that land/house. The neighbors at the back and on the side are nightmares. The guy at the back gave that poor old lady a terrible time for ages while building his palazzo (eg sending s**t in mail) and the guy on the North street side (ex slumlord from NYC) has been pushing the envelope with the fencing etc etc. Best of luck to that builder!

  3. Anonymous

    Seems like we just heard from neighbors behinds doors #1 and #2.

  4. Anonymous

    A few pre-foreclosures popping up in OG…

    NOPO tear downs are just about gone, and little inventory in the high and dry, free-from-FEMA neighborhoods has what’s temporarily on the market commanding year over year 15 percent price gains.

    Mid country is waking up, but the deep woods continues to drag.

    Here’s what I’ve realized. There are only so many houses available.
    Over time prices will continue to stabilize and climb.
    People keep reaching for their dreams, conquering business, or inheriting some loot, or both. Same guy starts to flaunt it, tits start pointing in his direction, 5 years later he’s got two kids, and a wife who won’t spend one more second in a noisy NYC with her sleepless babies.
    Solution, buy a house in GTown.

    Who wins? Us.

  5. jb

    Regarding “Nothing much doing in the way of real estate transactions or even open houses, but that should all start up again next week. ”

    Why next week? Are there houses in the pipeline to get listed or just a hunch when “spring” market will start up?

    • Most owners don’t want their lives disrupted during the holidays,then need a week or two to get house to showing condition. Traditionally, nest 2 weeks sees the start of the “spring market”.

      • On your marks!

        I saw Nancy Healy quoted somewhere saying the day after Super Bowl Sunday is normally the kick-off.

        • Anonymous

          On your marks.,,
          Did you know the day Of the superbowl is the highest annual “domestic violence” reports
          Maybe that’s why the day after is the time to list…all the “we tried, but couldn’t make it, so we gambled and lost” types are forced to list, split, and ditch.

        • jb

          Thanks. I heard that as well. Should be an interesting year with rates anticipated to go up a lot (although I doubt) & layoffs starting up again (e.g., Macy’s, banks, etc.) and “80% of US adults are near poverty, rely on welfare or are unemployed”. Not sure what’s holding up any momentum except for investors.

        • I would defer to Nancy’s experience, any time. I’d always heard, “after Martin Luther King’s Birthday”, but Super Bowl works, I’m sure. Of course don’t forget, they’ve pushed the Super Bowl into February these days, so the two kick off periods – late January, early February, were once much closer together. Regardless, don’t wait for spring to put your homes on for the spring market, or you’ll miss a lot of buyers who will be starting their search very soon.

      • housecat

        Suspect the time-wasters that sucked a major hole out of our time in the 10 day period before Christmas – throwing our lives into major chaos while low-balling us on top of it – well, they’ll probably be back as well. Either the guy is totally convinced that it’s still 2010 market-wise, or he just has no bloody idea what he’s doing. Hope for others’ sakes, he’s finally figured out that shopping between 700- a Mil out of his price range isn’t working (we weren’t the first or only deal that didn’t work out with this guy).

  6. The New Normal

    any noise from the parkway?

  7. Anonymous

    In the next two weeks can we at least get a fresh pic of steph @ Saline?

  8. Anon

    @jB at 4:35. I plan to move to one of Obama’s Promise Zones. That way I will never have another financial problem again.

  9. RE Junkie

    Another example of awful RE photos: here the agent was too lazy to move the de-humidifiers or open/close the various doors in the house to provide a clear picture of each of the rooms. Much less, wait for a sunnier day or rake the leaves in the backyard.

    • jb

      Those are likely heaters not de-humidifiers, but other points well taken. House looks extraordinarily gloomy. Definitely needs better pics.

    • Riverside Chick

      Not a bad price for a .87 lot. Bring in the dumpsters.

      • Anonymous

        The house has a pile of debt. I believe the previous sale was 1.2 million
        The home was winterized over a year ago.
        I did a walk through and was more than frightened.
        They probably are heaters and or dehumidifies.
        There are several holes in the ceilings from a damaged/leaky roof
        The bathrooms are Home Depot specials and decaying fast.
        The driveway slopes down to the garage doors, so water finds its way in on a regular basis.
        There used to be a hot tub on the back deck, now it’s all covered in 2 years of heavy, wet leaves.
        The driveway is in dire need of complete resurfacing, and regrading.
        The upside is, a poser wine collector had a brief stay, and left behind a double GE pro fridge downstairs, and a subzero fridge upstairs.
        So, assuming the bank writes down a few hundred grand, and you put in 300 just to hit the reset button, you’ve got a yard less, tasteless, steaming pile of waste, and oh BTW, you will also be sharing a driveway with two others.
        Good luck trying to figure out who paves/plows/resurfaces that magical strip of black top.