But that’s the whole point

Blue Cross Blue Shield warns that cutting reimbursement will bring about a single payer (central government) system. ObamaCare was never designed or intended to work; the idea is to demolish the private insurance industry and then move on to nationalized medical care. Why this should come as a surprise to private insurers is puzzling.


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  1. FrugalFenian

    Interesting discovery in the comments section of that article.
    Selfpaypatient.com , clearhealthcosts.com and goodrx.com.
    Never knew all that info was out there if you wanted to price prescriptions, tests etc

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Who cares about Obamacare and medical reimbursements? BORING!! We are all screwed anyway. Let’s talk about important stuff.

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    Your Pal,

  3. Walt

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    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    20-22% VAT should just about cover single payer medicaid. Favored Ins companies ‘administer’ the program.
    Kill medicare
    Add ex medicare recipients to single payer rolls.
    Allow a roll over medicare rebate/ tax credit through IRS 1040, hoping a percentage die before they collect,
    FICA remains the same with the 1.45 rolled into SS

  5. Anonymous

    Single payer is one objective of this massive lie to the American people. The 2 other objectives are wealth re-distribution and the continued expansion of the dependent class.

    Obama kept one of his campaign promises, that being, “I will fundentally change this country”.