Back to the world of income inequality


Where's that Marine to pick up this shit?

Where’s that Marine to pick up this shit?

Michelle Obama will reluctantly fly back to the White House tomorrow, thus concluding her 24-day vacation, the last ten of which were spent away from her whining husband and those tiresome children. 


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23 responses to “Back to the world of income inequality

  1. Anon

    Some pic. Wow. Baby’s got back.

  2. Mark B.

    She didnt use the time to work out, apparently…

  3. Of course, if she would have spent 24 days in Crawford, TX, no one would say a word…

    • She and her husband could move permanently to Crawford or, for that matter, Maui, and few would complain; in fact, many of us would be glad to help them pack.

    • anon

      Bob: I gag at the mere thought of comparing the classy Laura Bush to the least classy lady on the planet, Michelle. First and foremost, Laura appreciated and respected the title she held. Secondly, she never, not once, thought she was better than everyone else or felt her job was cumbersome or tiring. Michelle feels put upon despite having the best life in the USA. For God sake, Michelle has people to do everything for her and yet she needs an extra ten days at our expense to get her groove back?? She’s a national disgrace.
      I bet Michelle couldn’t last one day in Crawford Texas! It’s not rich enough for her.

      • There’s also the point that, by refusing to stay with hubby and taking separate vacations Michelle adds millions of dollars in costs to the Michelle Amusement Fund.

      • Joey

        I liked Laura Bush and agree that she respected her position as First Lady but boy she was sure dumber than nails. My favorite LB quote is when she answered the question on what kind of books that she liked. Her answer was that she liked both hard cover and soft cover books. It is hard to make this stuff up))

        • Publius

          Keep in mind that Michelle’s husband thinks there are 57 states. LB was not the leader of the free world Mr. Geography is….. nominally that is

        • anon

          Let me ask you Pal Joey, have you ever seen Michelle speak without a teleprompter? Hint: Being “interviewed” by Barbara Walters doesn’t count as an answer.

          LB is comfortable in her shoes, and in her skin. She makes no airs about her brilliance, she has a strong self-deprecating sense of humor and probably would be the first to laugh at the answer you say she gave about books.

          Michelle is a poser whiner wanna-be who puts shame on the honor of being the First Lady.

          You do know Joey, the only reason she’s coming home is to prepare for her 50th birthday party at the WH, with Beyonce and Adele and a sting of other stars who will drool and fawn. Je trouve ça degolas.

        • Joey

          Dear Anon,

          I said that I liked LB and, although I did not state it in the last post, I don’t like MO so much. I have only seen her speak a few times since I don’t have a TV. They don’t seem to be playing her that much on NPR.

        • anon

          Joey, fair enough.

  4. CatoRenasci

    You’re all so unkind to our Michelle. No reine has felt the plight of the poor half-so-well as she since the halcyon days of Marie Antoinette. And so modern! Arugula instead of brioche!

    Marie Antoinette’s breast is said to have provided the shape for the champagne coupe, Michelle’s booty will inspire something equally memorable, I’m sure.

  5. Anonymous

    An observation from the photo: the higher you go, the smaller she gets.

  6. Riverslide

    I imagine Barry was trying to get her to stay even longer. Maybe he had the Air Force fake like the plane wasn’t ready. Or he maybe asked Oprah to delay her by sending over her favorite food, and body toning specialists, etc.

  7. No Marine would touch that POS!

  8. another starbucks 4 me

    She’s angry because she just realized that Barry’s needed her to bag a second term and is now DONE with her. He’ll probably kick off his post presidential career with a Scandinavian tour, beginning with Denmark perhaps…!

    • Anonymous

      Funny story, except that it is an urban legend. Not true. Been floating about for years in various versions.