Good question

There's a check in here, right ?

There’s a check in here, right ?

Why are the Clintons hawking a seedy, Soros-backed for-profit college chain?

Ah,because they’re paid to do so, and know how to get the federal funding that makes those profits possible?


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  1. Anonymous

    If “pro” is the opposite of “con,”
    then the opposite of “Progress” is:_______________, and
    the opposite of “Constitution” is:____________________.

  2. Riverslide

    We don’t want Congress to make progress. It would be better if they undid their “progress” of most of the last 50 years and then went home. And then let the people vote on the major issues online using a pin we get when we file our taxes.

    These for profit educational scams are a shame, but, on the upside, they should have the effect of knocking down prices for the universities traditionally considered legitimate, because the distinction between the two will be hard to codify.

    • Anonymous

      George Will recently wrote that the new bifurcation is not those with and without college degrees, but those with useful degrees versus those with useless degrees.

  3. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Because it’s how they’ve always made money. Sweetheart deals with cronies. They are a long way from when Bill needed to do this (making $29,000 a year as Governor of Arkansas), but like the scorpion in the fable, it’s what he does. Stories like this are why Hilary won’t run for president.

    • thewizardsrevenge

      I’ve wondered when they might have enough money and not need to whore Bill’s resume as President, but of course when one is attempting to fill a black hole………..