I wouldn’t hire either one


Crocodile Dumb Dee

Crocodile Dumb Dee

Aussies sound like Valley Girls and it hurts their chances of promotion.

The language trait is known as a high-rising terminal (HRT), commonly referred to as ‘Australian Question Intonation’ (AQI).

It is the act of raising a voice at the end of a sentence that makes the statement sound like a question and is common in Australian and American accents.

More than 70 per cent of bosses claim that the rising trend among Britons – especially teenagers – of adding inflections to the ends of sentences is ‘particularly annoying.’

While almost 85 per cent said that when non-Australian people [or hell, even when it’s a genuine Aussie – Ed] use this language trait it is a ‘clear indicator of insecurity’ and could hinder their chances of a promotion or payrise.


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5 responses to “I wouldn’t hire either one

  1. whatever. they sure know how to market real estate:

  2. Homebraska

    I got this unsolicited email from a jerk in Nebraska when I listed my rental on Craigslist. Story says-do not advertise on Craigslist. You get all sorts of weird ass replies.

  3. seen his wife lately

    tabloids love showing croc Dundee wife today-she is a mess.