Unintended (?) consequences

Boids - dirty, stinkin' voids! Denise Savageu let's loose

Boids – doity, stinkin’ boids!
Denise Savageau lets fly

Ban on incandescent bulbs leaves fledglings and injured birds shivering in the dark.

Ottawa’s Wild Bird Care Centre has put the call out for incandescent light bulbs, which it uses to provide warmth for injured and recovering birds, after the federal government banned manufacturers from making the bulbs.

In Canada, the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs are considered the norm. The incandescent light bulbs use more power, but they are also warmer and serve an important role inside incubators.

[The center’s spokesman] said they were caught off-guard by the bulb ban and they are already running short on incandescent bulbs. Now they are asking people to donate 100-watt bulbs.

“(We will take) as many as possible. If people have them hanging around we will take them or if they want to buy them for us it would be much appreciated,” said Goguen.

Donations can be dropped off at the centre, which is located on Moodie Drive in the city’s west end.

Perhaps Greenwich should set up its own donation boxes – we switched our traffic lights over from incandescents a couple of years ago and I’ve noticed that during snowstorms now the lights are hidden: no warmth from the bulbs to melt the snow. “If it costs the life of just one bird or child then we’re satisfied”, Greenwich Conservation Tsar Denise Savageau told FWIW “I hate them all.”


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20 responses to “Unintended (?) consequences

  1. Anonymous

    Fire Denise Savageau.

    Fire Diane Fox.

    Cull more dictatorial unelected bureaucrats.

  2. Al Dente

    That broad in the picture looks exactly like a large-mouthed bass I caught on Lake Okeechobee in 1980.

  3. Greenwich Taxpayer

    Just goes to show what happens when the idiots we elect to Congress (and the Canadians to their parliament) enact stupid laws without knowing the consequences. Fire them all!

  4. Peg

    This is what happens when you have True Believers. Nothing; no facts, no consequences, no injuries – nothing will stop them from moving forward with their dictat that this is “saving the environment from global warming” (or is it “climate change” these days?!?). Actual consequences are irrelevant.

  5. Fox

    No health insurance.
    No light bulbs.
    Pretty soon they’ll take away our food…

  6. db

    Ceramic heaters that fit into standard light fixtures are available. A lot more efficient (designed to produce heat) and they don’t mess with animals sleep habits like a light bulb does.

    Heat is a bi-product with an incandescent bulb, not a feature. Given the bulbs use most of their energy for heat production, how can this be used as an argument to save them?

    I did use a 75 watt bulb to keep a pipe heated during the cold spell. This wasn’t because it was my preferred heating method, it was because I was/am to lazy to go out and buy some heat tape, the proper tool for the job.

    • Well during the winter, heat is considered a good thing here in the northeast, so there’s that. And, discounting the government estimated life span of ten years and using the reality that CFLs fail in less than a year, how can spending $5 for a bulb that works so poorly be a good idea?

      • Anonymous

        don’t forget the mercury in the CFLs.
        between heat and a mercury spill, i choose heat.

        • Some years ago I suggested here that voters send their congressmen a CFL bulb, marked “hazardous waste”. A million or two bulbs arriving in D.C. at once might bring the leviathan to its knees.

    • Fred2

      Ok soi can go out and buy a pricey heater thingy… Or i could have cheap bulb that has been used for decades for this purpose with no real issues… and it produces useful light too. Which id need anyway to keep from stepping on the damn chooks.

      Look i like LED lights but i also do not want to spend 20$ on a bulb in a attic closet that i use for 20min a year. And since its cold up there fluorescents work badly in winter and die from heat in summer.

      Choice. I want the choice to make the economical and techically correct decision.

    • thewizardsrevenge

      I think it’s important to remember that the argument isn’t about the function of light bulbs. The debate is whether government has any place to make such decisions for us.

  7. Riverslide

    Those in need can just get waivers from their favorite politicians, as that is the new way of dealing with unintended consequences of stupid laws.

    • Anon

      Yeah, I hear if you donate to democrats you a special password for a website where you can get incandescent bulbs, and a “waiver” from the regulations ….

  8. Peg

    I recently went to Home Depot and stocked up mightily on all the incandescents I might need. If I don’t use ’em all, worth the modest expense to feel as if I can go a good chunk of time without having to succumb to the Dark Side (so to speak). And – perhaps I can make a profit in any case on the black market!

  9. Mazama

    “A liberal is someone who is determined to reach into your shower and adjust the water temperature for you.” William F Buckley, Jr (I believe Buckley presciently said that in the 1960s…)

  10. Once

    At least db admits he’s lazy. A common trait among those who hire reps to confiscate other people’s money.