Would you rather be happy or right?

Aw, sis, you know it ain't loaded

Aw, sis, you know it ain’t loaded

 Joeann and Willie Smith, siblings, were relaxing over a few Seagrams and King Cobra beers while they discussed whether her gun’s ammunition was too old to fire. Willie said it was, Joeann said it wasn’t, and to prove her point, shot Willie in the eye. He died.

I can’t keep up with all the various gun laws in our fair land, but I’m pretty sure Joeann’s gun was illegal in Chicago, where most guns are banned for the safety of its citizens.


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2 responses to “Would you rather be happy or right?

  1. Mark B.

    Well she proved the gun-banners right I guess. Thanks a lot, Joeanne. Dumbass.

    PS – I could have brought something to the Smith’s little debate. The father of “a friend of mine” died and left him a Remington model 51 auto loading pistol. It had the same seven rounds of .380 ammo in its magazine since the early 1950’s, and it sat that long in the old man’s bedroom closet. Nice and damp in there, too.
    I took it to the range and fired all seven rounds, all went bang, and fed perfectly.