Board of Ed caves, will submit racial plan to state discrimination czar


Herr Peter von Braun relaxes at home

Herr Peter von Braun relaxes at home

This was the likely outcome all along, but it’s disappointing all the same.

“I think it would be foolish of us not to submit a plan,” board member Peter von Braun said at the board’s Jan. 9 meeting. “We have a great deal of latitude as to what the content of that plan can be. To stick a finger in the state’s eye is just silliness.”

You call it silliness, Mr. Braun, others might call it principled.


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15 responses to “Board of Ed caves, will submit racial plan to state discrimination czar

  1. CatoRenasci

    That’s a wonderful picture of Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen (aka “The Last Hussar”), but to put Herr von Braun in such company does violence to the memory of a great soldier and gentleman.

  2. Patrick

    Von Braun is right. While there is a strong case for a lawsuit agaisn’t the state IF they force an action on Greenwich the state has the law strongly on it’s side for not submitting a plan. By law we need to submit a plan and the issue of the 25% or other aspects is not relevant in the requirement to submit a plan. We would lose this case.

    Submitting a benign harmless plan and forcing the State’s hand to mandate something different is the right legal strategy. If the state rejects our plan we have cause for a lawsuit. The other legal strategy is to claim unique schools but this is messy and less efficient.

    The fact is the state will accept whatever plan we submit – of course with minor comments to show that they are reviewing it – because they do not want to be legally challenged on this issue and don’t want to challenge a high performing school district. They know Greenwich has the resources to challenge this in court if necessary.

    If the board continues down the path of submitting a plan that suits Greenwich and not the state then this will work out just fine. It appears to be heading down that path.

  3. Anonymous

    Surrender & appeasement

  4. Patrick

    Surrender would be full redistricting and busing – like Groton did. If we submit a benign plan I think that is success given what the board was recommending last year.

  5. Anonymous

    Agree CF…..this was the plan all along. Whatever happened to that BOE report that the public was supposed to get regarding this issue?

  6. Once

    Why don’t parents come out and admit what at least kids at GHS have the balls to admit? The kids at GHS refer to the black and brown kids as “ghetto kids”. They know full well they don’t live in a real ghetto but that name has been used for years. The kids that don’t care about doing well in school often hold the rest of the kids back including the “ghetto kids” that want to do well. Non-honors courses at the high school the children are often disruptive. If class falls before lunch, forget it, teacher loses control. Parents are not allowed in the class room because admin says it would be “disruptive” but the fact is they really don’t want you to see what is not going on there. The State fools who think balancing racially will bring everyone up are in a pipe dream. In actuality, the bottom brings the top lower. Chicago and Detroit didn’t start out without white people. They fled. Considering we have all the balancing that can be achieved by the time all the kids come together in high school, I would work to improve GHS before going any further.

    • CatoRenasci

      Maybe it’s changed in the past decade plus since my kids were at GHS, but then the term “ghetto” referred to attitudes, dress style, language, choice of sports participation, and other socio-economic class indicators far, far more than it did race. In fact, at least in talking to my kids, they were pretty adamant if anyone tried to link it to race directly.

    • Anonymous

      What’s ironic is watching “white” kids emulate the “ghetto” look, walk, talk, etc….just look at popular culture and its ghetto, my friends. It all started with the fashion—the turned around baseball hat, then the sweatshirt hoodie, baggie pants, the slow, slumped walk, and who can forget the boom stereo box….its hard to tell the difference between a “suburban” kid and “ghetto.”

  7. Patrick


    What’s so insulting about this issue and what the law has wrong is that what you describe is not about race but about socio economic levels. Riverside has the third highest level of Hispanics next to New Lebanon and Hamilton Avenue Yet it has high achievers and high social economic levels.

    It’s insulting to insinuate that because you’re classified as a minority you are automatically disadvantaged. Socio economic issues are difficult to fix and using race as a proxy is certainly not the right approach.

  8. Republican

    Did anyone expect any thing different. You elected 2 PTA women and backstabbing moron. The people have spoken. Laura Erickson and Peter Bernstein are the two you are stuck with for the next 4 years. Erickson knows best. Just ask her.

  9. Red Herring

    Heard yesterday from my child’s local private school that Kindergarten applications are up over 40% this year. They think it’s bc the school is great, I think it’s bc people are scared about the ‘public option’.