Well I’m disappointed

3_1_neanderthal_shirt-rb669821ffade451787644b7e1332c482_804gs_324The results from 23andMe are in, and I’m only 3.1% Neanderthal, just a smidgen over the average 2.7%. Heavy brow, bow-legged, shuffling gait, I figured I was a shoo-in for top place; 97 percentile just doesn’t cut it. Darn.


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18 responses to “Well I’m disappointed

  1. NotBuyingItFenian

    That screams “second opinion”!!

  2. Once

    What’s the other 96.9%?

    • Still waiting for full results. Mostly northern European, but I’m curious to see what all those Austrian ancestors on my mother’s side : Pringle, Zeidler , who knows who else- were up to I suspect drinking the blood of Christian babies.

  3. 3.2% for me. Brother!

  4. Off topic. The same attorney (he’s also a licensed RE broker) who appealed my property taxes 3 years ago, getting me an 18% reduction, just notified me that he got my 2013 valuation reduced by 9.4%. He charges 55% of the first years savings. I highly recommend to your Westchester, Putnam and Rockland county readers.


    • anyone have a recommendation for greenwich property owners????

      • I thought that property taxes in Greenwich were such a pittance that nobody cared.

        You should try to find someone soon. Most municipalities have a June deadline to file the appeal. If you miss it you have to wait until the following year. If you’re really stuck call the attorney (Aaron Cohen) at AAA (linked above). He can probably recommend someone who works in Fairfield county.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Not a bad deal at all.

  5. dogwalker

    3.1 also. We must be cousins.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    They’ve mixed up Neanderthal with Irish….

    • Actually, you have to deliberately opt in if you want to be told of any Irish ancestry. Opt in and sign a waiver against all claims for psychological harm. Most folks, including myself, don’t want to know – we can’t handle the truth, as Walt says.

    • BasqueFenian

      Contrary to you mutts we (and our Basque cousins) know exactly who we are – don’t need no fing tests.

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    How much did you piss away on this test? I could have saved you the money, and told you that you weren’t human, just by showing you what you were like as a baby:

    That baby is almost as funny as a dead baby. Did someone say dead baby?

    What’s worse than finding 7 dead babies in 1 trash can?
    Finding 1 dead baby in 7 trash cans.

    Your Pal,

  8. Fred2

    You do know that recent research on the neanderthals kind of indicates that the knuckle dragging etcc stereotypes are far off reality.

    Big boned and heavy skulled yes but not pink gorillas.

    In fact if you dressed one up as a real estate agent they’d probably pass unnoticed in a crowd