Liberal shocker


Like mother, like daughter

Like mother, like daughter

Fast food doesn’t cause obesity in children, bad parents do. Gosh, next they’ll tell us that school achievement isn’t linked to underpaid teachers and lack of school administrators.


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  1. Cos Cob Bob

    We need a national program to induce kids to eat low-calorie meals, free in the schools. And exercise more!

    What? Someone tried that?

    How’d it go?

    • Anonymous

      “michelle obama’s let’s move campaign fails miserably.”
      yep, she’s still fat, mean, and angry.

      • America'sGrowing

        And ugly…

        • Studies show that the two states with the highest obesity are Alabama and Mississippi. (I have been there, and this is no joke.) Since both are now strongholds of the Stupid Party, either this should be labelled conservative shocker or we can assume bad parentlng is inherent in the GOP???

          • Alabama and Mississippi are two of the earliest victims of LBJ’s War on Poverty. A trillion $ later, you’ve succeeded in putting some weight on their bones. Congratulations.

  2. Anonymous

    is that kim K?

  3. ChillKitty

    Why are schools in the restaurant business any way?

  4. Accolay

    Chris, did you see blog-favorite Michelle-Marie Heinemann on HGTV recently? She was looking at an uber-expensive West Village townhouse and wanted to put an elevator in.

    Seems like a nice gal – what’s your beef with her?

  5. Another liberal shocker, brought to us today with intelligence by David Brooks: income inequality is caused by social causes, not economic ones. These causes are single motherhood, failure to complete high school, bad behaviors by young men…..

    These facts condemn to irrelevance Obama’s effort to overcome income inequality by economic fiddling such as taxing the rich, raising the minimum wage, and protecting the dying cliques called unions.

    • With Obama, it’s all about redistributing existing wealth, not getting out of the way so people can earn more. He said as much during that infamous interview before his first election when he was asked why he wanted to raise the capital gains tax if dropping the tax produced more revenue: “I’m not concerned with revenue,” he replied, “it’s about fairness.”