Not that I was planning on attending anyway but …

Doku Umarov is pissed off, and wants you to know it

Stay where you are

Russian Olympics sound like a drag.

U.S. national security and law enforcement agencies monitoring security at the Sochi Olympics say the southern Russian city faces a high risk of an Islamist terrorism attack. One message from a security analyst to those considering attending the Winter Games: Don’t go.

Okay, I won’t.


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13 responses to “Not that I was planning on attending anyway but …

  1. after seeing enough of those Russian dash-cam videos, just the driving there would scare me.

  2. LMNOP

    Conveeeeeeeniently, Barack and Michelle say their vacation scedules are too full to attend. I vote we send this group to ‘represent…

    1. Rachel Madcow
    2. Al Gore
    3. Chuck Todd
    4. Miss Tampon Earring, Melissa Harris-Perry
    5. Arianna Huffington
    6. Jay Carney
    7. Al Sharpton
    8. Rev. Jesse
    9. George Clooney
    10 & 11. Hillary and Bill Clinton
    12. Barbara Walters

  3. Cos Cobber

    But should you go, you might stumble onto all that nifty stuff the Russians charged to your Target account.

  4. Anonymous

    Lindsey Vonn is skipping too.

  5. Anonymous

    Please add Bill Maher to list

  6. Anonymous

    the lists are awesome.
    who says only the gub’mint has lists?