Oooh, scary movie!

Obama drops in for a vist at (one of) the Weinstein mansions. At the request of Mr. Weinstein, the gentlemen behind Obama are disarmed.

Obama drops in for a vist at (one of) the Weinstein mansions. At the request of Mr. Weinstein, the gentlemen behind Obama are disarmed.

Harvey Weinstein, who recently increased his own security detail to guard against crazed scientologists, claims he’s making an anti-gun movie “that will make the NRA wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them”.

Mr. Weinstein, who claims that no one (except, presumably, his armed body guards) needs a gun in America, also stated that he would have use a gun himself if his life were threatened but only, apparently, if he were being marched to a gas chamber. “Otherwise, okay, they got me, fair and square”.

Most Hollywood celebrities employ armed guards to protect them, and Mayor Bloomberg travels with at least six at all times. But as they’ll be the first to tell you, they are far more important than you, and must protect their lives for the good of the country.


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13 responses to “Oooh, scary movie!

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    I often wonder how such a schlemiel can get so damned rich….

    • Yos

      Why insult schlemiels with such a comparison, LA? They’re innocent or naive; Harvey is a total mamzer. He knows, or should know better.

      As to being rich – here’s to bets that this thing is going to lose a lot of money for Weinstein. He may hate guns, but he’s about to make a cinematic “bomb” that ought to put a big hole in his bank account.

      FWIW, there were a few critical details left out of another holocaust film; Schindler’s List. Now why would the director choose to leave out the fact that Herr Schindler had the grapefruits to smuggle guns and ammunition – such rare and expensive commodities – to Jews?

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Yos. You’re right! I was unfairly insulting schlemiels. As for Weinstein making the film, I’m ALL FOR IT!

  2. Cos Cobber

    Your typical Greenwich/NYC area high networth liberal;

    Believes in government, but would never consider sending their children to public school.

    Advocates protecting the environment and laws limiting consumer choices in the name of environmental protection, yet they fly private and own several 6 to 15k sq ft homes and a fleet of gas guzzling cars.

    • Peg

      Yep – so many of them are this way. They preach non-stop as to how the REST of us should have to live OUR lives. For them, however – different rules apply. Look at Algore’s palace in TN that used up more energy in a month than most use in several years – versus GWB’s environmentally friendly home. Had GWB been a Dem he would have been hailed as a hero – instead of a buffoon (and vice versa with Algore…….)

  3. Publius

    Let’s tag this as the hypocrisy of the day, January 16, 2014 and like Officer Murphy “move along, nothing to see here…..”

  4. LMNOP

    Related, Legal Insurrection has a post today on the statewide OPPOSITION to asshat Cuomo’s rush to pass a gun law after Sandy Hook. 99% of NY county sheriffs/ leaders have refused to accept the law. Weinstein might do well to read this before he wastes his hot air making a stupid movie.

    • Yos

      No No Noooo!!!! Let him lose money. Let him honestly bet heavy on his own ideological beliefs and pay the full price.

      then read LI. Some lessons have to come with a wee bit o’ hurt to be effectively convincing and pivotal.

      • LMNOP

        Yo, Yos: No need to worry. Weinstein wouldn’t read LI, or for that matter, anything that didn’t reinforce his opinion that all guns are bad. He’s a bull headed pig. Ask his first wife. And ask me about the time I had the unfortunate timing of being at the same restaurant as Harvey and some of his thugs. Cigar smoking loudmouths. We left.

  5. Cobra

    Having had the unfortunate experience of seeing Weinstein in person at a distance of about six feet, his appearance and behavior struck me as that of a walking skin abscess run amok, leaving a trail of slime much like an anthropomorphic slug. A most distasteful creature.

  6. When people start to boycott his films in droves it will hit home, He markets the ultra violent, gratuitous shoot ’em up Tarantino films. What a hypocritical phony and yypical progressive crony. Sell bread and circus to the masses while working to strip them of their Constitutional rights.

  7. LMNOP

    Speaking of guns and movies, if you haven’t seen it, go see Lone Survivor. Bring a whole box of Kleenex too. Best effing movie I’ve seen in a long time. Audience with us included many war vets, lots of applause at the end.

  8. Fred2

    If I were a betting man, I’d bet this was a slick, well shot movie that will be massively overhyped, ( and on every morning show, etc.. etc..) and will be tendacious, boring, and shrill.

    Of course it may just be hollywood doing the bidding of Washington to take out/occupy a political opponent at a critical juncture.