Three sales reported

Links are still expiring as soon as I post them but here, briefly are the details.

236 Bedford Rd

236 Bedford Rd

236 Bedford Road, $1.450 million. Sellers paid $1.625 for this house in 2008 and poured a lot of money into renovations, so the buyer got a deal. I loved this antique, and its location, but the Bedford border is a long way from downtown.

67 Sound Beach Ave

67 Sound Beach Ave

67 Sound Beach Avenue, $1.150 million. Meh.

4 Pilot Rock

4 Pilot Rock

4 Pilot Rock Road, Riverside, one acre, $5 million. That’s the going price for waterfront these days. A perfectly decent house, but it’s not long for this earth; land sale.


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5 responses to “Three sales reported

  1. Toonces

    Link goes to article about celebs hiring armed guards

  2. Cos Cobber

    I sure love that Pilot Rock setting.

  3. deb

    236 bedford road is my all time favorite house in that range…. so charming. just too bad the bedrooms didnt have closets on 1st floor.
    i love that house.

  4. Anon

    Uh, you know your links to properties don’t work and always say expired, right? Better to link to Zillow or not at all.