Domes leak

Charnel House

Charnel House, $795,000

That’s how Stewart Brand introduced the follow-up edition of The Whole Earth Catalogue, summarizing the failed illusions of the hippie movement expressed so joyously in the late 60s’ versions. His point: get real, people, and face reality.

Many of his readers refused to do that and in fact persist in living in the original’s fantasy -Dollar Bill comes to mind, as does the entire green movement – and thanks to Cos Cobber, we can draw your attention to an opportunity to relive that experience in a dome in Wilton. Greenwich Time has the scoop:

Inspired by the geodesic dome homes of the great Buckminster Fuller, this northern Connecticut bubble laughs at your outmoded need for four walls in a roof. (“More like a network of interlocking triangles forming a sphere, amiright?” we imagine it jeering, forming a chorus with its bulbous brethren.) Built in 1974, when the back-to-the-land movement went hand-in-glove with unconventional formal strides, this three-bedroom abode also reps its era proudly throughout its roughly 3,600-square-foot interior, with groovy orange carpeting and strata of stonework, although the chipboard finish on some wall sections isn’t doing the place any favors.

Of course, the home has a little more relevance to local readers than it would on a national real estate blog. Back in May 2012, the home was the scene of a brutal beating and stabbing death of 73-year-old Edward Ramsey for which his son Aaron was later found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Hmm – seems to me that the aging tie-dyed set, the only market for a dome, would be put off by the whole murder-karma-aura thing. Maybe the land itself has some value, or the United Way could use it to host Crosby, Stills and Nash reunions.

Full Ravies listing here (UPDATE – now dropped – we get results!) , although it doesn’t mention the unfortunate demise of Mr. Ramsey..


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12 responses to “Domes leak

  1. anon

    The buyers might not want to play that baby grand piano once they read this:

  2. edgewater

    another revered new age designer, frank lloyd wright, built structures that the people love to visit but, according to a tour i took of his southwestern outpost, talesin west, these buildings are nightmares to heat, to cool and to maintain. but they were groundbreaking. and that’s what counts.

    • I was always a proponent of houses capable of being lived in – that’s sort of their purpose, after all, but most architects seem to aspire to grander things. Unfortunately, few of them have the genius of Wright, so we end up with unlivable homes that are also no fun to look at. Lose-lose.

      • Curious

        Dumb question but why is this dome still standing? Wouldn’t the sellers get more money for the land WITHOUT the murder scene still intact?
        What obligation does the selling agent have to disclose the mayhem? “Here we have a fine piano the sellers are happy to leave. The bench, however, is not included…”

        • In Connecticut (but not all states) the listing broker doesn’t have to disclose events that might have a “psychological impact” on a house, but any buyer’s agent who doesn’t tell his buyer of, say, a murder or suicide (if he’s aware of them – there’s no duty to search old newspapers for events fifty years back) is a chump – the buyer who discovers the news from his new neighbors, rather than from his agent, will not be happy.
          And a death in a house is not always fatal. The Dairy Road home where, Greenwich Police would have it, Andrew Kissel committed suicide by binding his hands behind him and stabbing himself in the back seven times was torn down and replaced by a Mariani house, which eventually sold. On the other hand, the latest sale on Horseshoe, whose late owner had hanged himself in the garage, sold anyway. I showed the house to my own clients and disclosed its history. They were only mildly perturbed but passed on it anyway because they didn’t like the huge rock ledge behind it which blocked the light. Without the suicide, perhaps they’d have ignored the rock, but I think it was the lack of light that killed the deal.

  3. anon

    Re your “UPDATE, now dropped”. The Raveis agent saw this post and did what as a result? Took the listing down completely or told the sellers they did not want the listing? Could it be that the listing agent didn’t know about the murder?

  4. Big Red

    Wow- and it’s bloggers that are to problem in our society. Nothing to learn here! Another curtain drawn.

  5. weakleyhollow

    Congrats! You said that all with a straight face. 🙂

  6. biodome

    where are steve Baldwin and pauly shore today?

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    I actually think this house looks pretty nice. Groovy, in fact. Psychedelic!! And it seems like it is priced to sell.

    Who cares if some kid snuffed an old man in the house? Did they leave the bloodstains? That could be a good conversation starter.

    Anyhows it’s not like he killed a baby or anything. That would be tragic.

    Did someone say dead baby?

    If a tree falls on a baby in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, is it still hilarious?

    Your Pal,

    • weakleyhollow

      Walt, how do you make a dead baby float?

      • Walt

        That is an easy one.
        One glass of Root Beer and two scoops of dead baby. Or. OR!! Take your foot off its head.
        I vote for choice 2.

        What is harder to do than nailing a dead baby to a tree?
        Nailing it to a puppy!!