Palace intrigue

To bee or not to bee

To bee or not to bee

Prince Charles is said to be planning his succession now, to cut off the chance of his son usurping him in popular opinion. Alas for Shakespeare, the kingdom is so shrunken now that these machinations are restricted to combining Prince Charlie’s mother’s press office with his own – no dungeons in which to lock up ungrateful children, no armies massing on the shore. Sic transit gloria.

There is this small nugget of discord to encourage fans of royal discord:

Prince Charles was said to have  a difficult relationship with the Queen’s previous private secretary, Sir Robin (now Lord) Janvrin. By contrast, he has a good rapport with former Scots Guard Sir Christopher, 52, who took over the post in 2007.

“Like Charles, Sir Christopher is firmly wedded to the idea of a slimmed-down Monarchy, something that is believed to have upset Princes Andrew and Edward.”

If we see any attack helicopters hovering above the castle, we’ll know the fight’s on.


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13 responses to “Palace intrigue

  1. Anon

    This says it all:

    • Anonymous

      Anon: That was brilliant. I have often wondered: where on earth do you all find these amazing sniippets? Greenwich Old Timer

  2. Charles is a hopeless twit. He should abdicate in favor of William.

    • anon

      I like bonnie charlie. he’s quite the farmer’s advocate, works hard for building preservation, had the balls to marry his first love, and seems like a reasonable chap. his entire life would be made useless if he were to abdicate in favor of wills.

      • if he can make #2 happen, i might change my mind:

    • CatoRenasci

      If Charlie becomes King, the chances of the monarchy surviving definitely go down. As you say, he is hopeless twit, a green loon, and an Islamophile. Like all of his house, he is also stunningly thick and unlike most of his predecessors not canny about those who want to flatter him.

      At least his elder son seems to have been intelligent enough to actually finish university, though one should not doubt that the brains in the operation there, such as they are, are his mothers, or that his wife is not significantly brighter than he. Maybe they’ll breed somewhere back close to the mean!

      But, Charles would be as much a disaster as his namesake.

  3. not looking forward to the Chuck and Cammy show

  4. anony

    Even time I see him I say to myself: “Long live the Queen!”.

    I suspect most people do.

  5. AJ

    Eminent domain — the right of kings to steal your stuff?

    ‘Luxury NY village plans to seize WWII vet’s store’

    “The Fire Island resort of Saltaire wants to seize private property — using taxpayer money.

    World War II vet Frank Whitney is locked in a legal battle with officials who want to take his Saltaire Market grocery by eminent domain in order to build their own updated version.

    And the upscale village may increase property taxes to do it, raising as much as $2.5 million to buy and rebuild the market, which was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

    Whitney’s family says it wants to fix the store — the village’s only commercial property — and has the money to do so, but it accuses Saltaire officials of preventing them.

    “Our choice was to rebuild,” Whitney, 88, says in a film his family produced to publicize their plight. “It’s not fair. What they did is not fair.”

    The controversy has roiled the beach town of 400 homes, whose residents include real-estate mogul Barbara Corcoran.

    The village Board of Trustees’ Aug. 31 vote to pursue eminent-domain proceedings has left some residents baffled.

    “There is almost nobody I have spoken to in the town that supports this eminent-domain action,” said best-selling author David Fisher.

    Actress Kathleen Butler, who has summered in Saltaire for years, called the move “disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful.”

    Whitney has owned the wood-shingled Saltaire Market complex for 25 years. In addition to a store that sold everything from produce to beach pails, there was a deli, liquor store and ice-cream shop.

    Whitney’s son, Scott, said four engineering reports, including two commissioned by the village, found the damage from Sandy was not substantial. There was less than two feet of water in the complex, and the Whitneys removed floors and walls to replace them.

    “The repairs that are required due to the flooding . . . do not appear to me to be substantial improvements as defined in the Building Code,” reads one village-commissioned report.

    But the village has variously argued that the damage was so vast that an onerous approval process was needed to rebuild or that the plans submitted by the Whitneys were incomplete.

    The village applied for a $1.5 million state waterfront-improvement grant on Aug. 12 to acquire the market. …”

  6. Greenwich Gal

    I feel kinda bad for Prince Charles. He had a cold hard upbringing with a distant mother and a tough old Dad who sent him to a Boarding school known for cold showers and rigor at a very young age. He was not allowed to marry his love Camilla, as he had to marry a bonified virgin when there were few virgins around at his age. They found Diana who was an uneducated, starstruck, teenager and didn’t know better. A sham to save a hopelessly outdated institution. The whole thing, of course, was tragedy.
    Charles is actually intelligent and was ahead of his time with organic farming and historic preservation. Issues near and dear to my own heart.

    A good marriage is hard enough.

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    Don’t you feel sorry for Prince Charles? I do in a weird sort of way. He basically stood around his whole life, with nothing to do, until his mommy decides she has had enough. And she never did!!

    And he had to marry a princess, who was really a psychotic nymphomaniac, who banged everybody besides him!! And all the while, he was in love with a Rottweiler!!

    The man’s whole life is a sad, pathetic joke. That makes me sad. He didn’t ask for this. And no one will respect him as King. Even with his King sized ears. If he only had balls he could be the Queen.

    Let’s try and interview him for your blog!! Greenwich has a sister city in the UK? Right? You can talk to Chuck, and I will interview bubble ass Pippa.

    Your Pal,

  8. Glory

    William is a dimwit and Kate and her trashy family are vipers. Charles will be a fine king.