Disociation at the White House


July, 2009: voters discover that Obama is a Kenyan

July, 2009: voters discover that Obama is a Kenyan

Obama to the New Yorker: People don’t like me because I’m black,

This from a man who was elected to the presidency twice. He seems to be disappearing into the twilight of delusional madness.


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7 responses to “Disociation at the White House

  1. More people, especially in the media, like him because he’s black than dislike because of it.

    • JRH

      And if you actually bothered to read through to the link, George, you’d see that’s the very next thing Obama said. But, Obama Derangement Syndrome, etc.

  2. anon2

    This article is not so coincidently appearing on the same date the Mitt Romney documentary premieres. Obama is such an egotist he didn’t want Mitt to take even one second of the spotlight away.
    Obama sucks in every aspect of life and MLK will roll over in his grave to see what a racist Obama is. MLK would not approve.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Oh, so it has nothing to do with him being a narcissistic arrogant prick?