Greenwich Time has always recognized the value of real estate (advertising)

These prices won't last!

These prices won’t last! Looking up Greenwich Avenue, 1900

Even one hundred years ago: 

Jan. 23, 1914 — The New York papers publish daily an increasing number of real estate sales showing that money is seeking investment from capitalists in real estate bargains.

While the real estate market in Greenwich has been somewhat quiet for quite a while, it can be asserted with absolute certainty that this condition will not continue much longer. Prices are much lower now than they will be a few months later in Greenwich, and it is the time to buy now, either for a home or investment.

Every indication points to renewed activity in Greenwich real estate, especially farms and high-class estates, and The Graphic has recently noticed some properties offered that certainly are now low at the pries and which are bound to sell for larger figures at no far away time.

There is really no better investment for money than Greenwich real estate. The proximity of the town to New York, its desirability for high-class homes, the class of people who make up the residents and the beauty and healthfulness of the section and its growth and prosperity all are conditions that make for the value and increase of the real estate of the town.


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2 responses to “Greenwich Time has always recognized the value of real estate (advertising)

  1. I'll-logical

    I like their 60 years ago story about the rising cost of 2-4 bedroom units at Greenwich Hospital. Shouldn’t it be 2-4 bed units, not bedrooms?
    Greenwich Time has real estate on its mind. And a distinct lack of proofreaders…

  2. Flash

    Is that the bottom of the Avenue looking up?
    Looks like its oneway going up hill, just the opposite today.