I blame Bush

Mauder Minimum

Maunder Minimum along the Thames, 1658

EU backing off CO2 reductions and opening continent to fracking. Reality will do that, sometimes.

Russia’s getting into fracking too. 

None of this is good news for the US, however, because our greens will just redouble their efforts to shut down our own fuel projects to make up for the increase in the rest of the world. Funny how they’ll sacrifice their fellow citizens so the Chinese can live fat.


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8 responses to “I blame Bush

  1. edgewater

    i had an economics professor in the 1960s [o.k., i am over 70; you don’t need to do the math] who advocated buying crude oil on the world market and pumping it into old well here, on the expectation that it would only become more valuable as demand increased. the idea didn’t get any traction then, but it could still be a good idea, notwithstanding fracking.

  2. FF

    That’s called the strategic petroleum reserve

  3. FF

    Oh, and I blame Bush, too

  4. pulled up in OG

    “Saudi Arabia and the other oil oligarchs are taking it on the chin, too.”

    Ha ha. Wanna compare extraction cost/barrel – Saudi crude vs fracken Bakken?

    How bout vs 20,000’ feet of well drilled under two miles of ocean?

    Or Harpo’s tarballs.

  5. FF

    Oh, and finally I want your comments on this lawsuit, and I want to figure out how you will link it to Obama. Go!

  6. edgewater

    to FF… my comment about buying oil which may soon be in surplus is indeed similar to the 1970s strategic petroleum reserve in one very important way — it involves crude oil. but in the case of the 1960s recommendation [possibly relevant today] crude was not then [or now] in short supply [contra the 1970s] and was to be bought from overseas sources [not a feature of the s.p.r, as i understand it]. otherwise, of course you are right on target.