Well no wonder he needed a trysting spot



Hamptons cop busted for frolicking with a cop-fraulein in weekender’s cottage lives with his mother.

The East Hampton cop who was caught allegedly bedding a meter maid inside a village cottage is a decorated officer whose mom says he’s a “good boy” who still lives at home with her.

Galeano, who immigrated from Colombia at age 12, is East Hampton’s only Hispanic cop and was named its 2012 “Officer of the Year” for busting a man who was having sex with an underage girl after he noticed a van rocking while parked at a rest stop.

Ordinarily, common courtesy suggests that “if the van’s rocking, don’t come knocking” but in this case, Officer Galeano probably should have kept the van as evidence, and for other purposes.


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4 responses to “Well no wonder he needed a trysting spot

  1. housecat

    The only thing sexier than $Bob dressed in drag is a grown man who still lives with his mommy!

  2. FickleFenian

    Rooting through the family album again?

  3. CrankyPants

    Makin Bacon?
    Atkins Diet?
    Making her squeal like a …
    I’m done.