It seems that Bernie Madoff may not make the full 150 years


Same scam, different results

Same scam, different results

Reportedly had a heart attack last month, although he’s now back in his cell.

The Madoff family has not come out of this well, unlike the Walter Noel clan, which just celebrated another Christmas / New Years on Mustique.

His only surviving son, Andrew Madoff, 47, is currently receiving treatment for stage-four cancer. Son Mark Madoff, 46,  hanged himself in his SoHo apartment on Dec. 11, 2010, the second anniversary of his dad’s arrest.

His ex-wife, Ruth, 71, now lives in [Old] Greenwich, Conn.


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8 responses to “It seems that Bernie Madoff may not make the full 150 years

  1. I finally get it…..the SACMADOFF virus is infecting all aspects of the Town….time to get the Village District Vacine in 7 doses…
    Lucky 7…

  2. Anonymous

    Wow…Madoff’s son’s have Kennedy syndrome. Karma coming back to bite them in the arse for past transgressions.

  3. FF

    Gotta wonder, with all the unbelievable wealth they swam in all those years, would they trade it now? I wonder

  4. AJ

    I don’t get why Madoff pled guilty? JP Morgan didn’t plead guilty, and it seems managed to get any investigations blocked. If 150 years was some sort of plea bargain deal, it wasn’t much of a bargain. The only guy who made out in this thing was Noel. Madoff’s saying Noel had to know isn’t proof that he knew anything, and if what his clients wanted was access to Madoff, then they haven’t much of a case against him. Meanwhile, back in the jungle . . .

  5. ShedLessToolMan

    anyone read the last line? Ruth is divorced and now lives in Greenwich, CT. You think she hangs out at the J. House? Oh brother.. where are the Walt comments.. let’s get to it..