Brackish water doesn’t freeze as quickly, children

Private school kids

Private school kids

Two kids fall through ice on Willowmere Pond in Riverside. Idiots ignored the warnings of the man who knows, Paul Palmer.

Willowmere Circle resident Paul Palmer, 89, said he warned the boys to get off the ice when he spied them walking around the pond. He said the boys ignored his warning.

“It’s beautiful ice skating when it’s right, but we’ve only had one night of real cold,” said Palmer, who is a former Sound Beach fire chief.

When he saw the boys fall into the pond, Palmer said he called 911.

“I knew something was going to happen, so I kept my eye on them,” he said.

Over the years, Palmer said he’s pulled numerous people and pets there who’ve fallen through thin ice.

“I’ve pulled four people out,” he said. “I pulled two boys out one day. I pulled my cousin out one day. You won’t believe how many dogs I’ve pulled out.”

Mr. Palmer is the class act of Riverside; always has been. Great guy.

UPDATE: Greenwich Patch adds this touch – when Paul Palmer warned them of their danger, they boys shouted at him to “mind your own business.” Nice kids. Parents? Send the kids over to thank Mr. Palmer and to apologize?

UPDATE II: What’s I tell you? The brats are Country Day students. I chose the illustration and supplied the caption based on a general suspicion but ….


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26 responses to “Brackish water doesn’t freeze as quickly, children

  1. Riverside Forever

    Those two boys should be grateful Mr. Palmer was keeping an eye out for them. Doesn’t take long to freeze to death in this type of cold.

  2. Scurrilous Scalliwag

    That nasty Mr. Palmer deprived them of their Darwin Awards.

  3. Riverside

    Kudos to Mr. Palmer. He saved those boy’s lives.

  4. Anonymous

    There should be signs installed like binney park does. The association can afford it I’m sure.

    • If they’re too stupid to heed the warning of Paul Palmer, who’s lived on or around that pond for almost ninety years, what makes you think they can read?

      • TheWizard

        Yup. No signs at the local pond I grew up on. Either we used good judgement or got lucky, I’m not entirely sure which.

        • We’d go through the ice at the pond at the end of Gilliam Lane, occasionally, but only when chasing a puck that slid into the danger zone. Heat of the moment, and all that.
          Adam Fritzsche went all the way in when he was about 3, as I remember, and that required a full rescue by the Fire Department, including a ladder across the ice and two firemen wading into the water to fetch him out. No immersion suits back then, so that was quite noble. Adam must be in his fifties now and last heard from, is in fine health.
          As an aside, Dorothy Hamill first skated on that same pond, and she not only didn’t fall through the ice, she went on to cut quite a figure in the skating world.

        • Chris, you neglected to mention our good fortune to have as a neighbor Murray “Muzz” Patrick, retired star player for the New York Rangers, whose property abutted the pond at the end of Gilliam Lane. The kindness and helpfulness Mr. Patrick (children called adults by their titles back then) showed kids learning how to skate and play hockey was only equaled by the legendary fierceness he showed his opponents in the rink.

          • How about the time the entire neighborhood plus the police department plus the fire department scoured that pond for your still, lifeless, 3-year-old body, until you awoke from your nap and crawled out from under the dining room table?

        • I wasn’t alone under the table; I was curled up with Cinder, our black lab. We were both taking a nap.

    • anon

      signs?? you must be a democrat. how about thinking before you walk on the ice?? hell no, don’t put up one sign.

    • Cos Cobber

      The world doesn’t need more signs for what is obvious. If anything, the signs are indicative of our problem….lack of basic intelligence and personal responsibility.

    • hmmm

      Oh boy more regulation… You probably think they should put orange stickers on broom handles warning folks not to Polk themselves in the eye

  5. pulled up in OG

    Curious where Greenwich Engine 5 and Greenwich Tower 1 were stationed. Either one of ‘em parked at Sound Beach?

  6. Anonymous

    Those kids AND their parents should go deliver a personal thank you to Mr Palmer, as well as an apology from the boys.

  7. Anon

    I hope Mr Palmer learned his lesson. Next time just walk on by, perhaps whistling.

  8. GPD Folk

    Our society will someday be without the Mr. Palmers of this world…..what a sad place that will be…..when someone long ago said, “It takes a village”…he was the guy they were talking about

    • Cos Cobber

      Bingo GPD.

    • dogwalker

      I loved the Greenwich Daily article. The way Greenwich used to be. We would have told Mr. Palmer to mind his own business (or worse), too. But he would have kept watching.

      I don’t know how many times I would be out with friends and do something . . . ummm . . . naughty. By the time I got home, my mother already knew. Someone in the village had told her. I should have learned my lesson sooner, but I’m a little slow.

  9. Midcountry momma

    Silly people, what we need is government regulation outlawing ponds altogether! Of course the boys can’t be held responsible, I”m sure there’s some government sponsored study which will support the idea that their brains are still not fully formed yet… Just wait, the boys and their parents will sue the homeowners for lack of signs!

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    Silly people, what we need is government regulation outlawing ponds altogether!

    Dullard is already on it!