Having disarmed its citizenry, Britain now prosecutes the use of fence pickets

(As yet) unconfiscated deadly weapon

(As yet) unconfiscated deadly weapon

Man prosecuted for assault after wresting wood fence picket from thief and breaking his legs.

A businessman who attacked two thieves caught red-handed in a night-time raid was arrested after defending his property, a court has heard.

Andrew Woodhouse, 44, was today on trial facing assault charges on the two raiders he found stealing diesel from his business.

A jury heard how Woodhouse grabbed a fence post one was carrying as a weapon – and used it to fight back against them.

The father-of-five – who says he has repeatedly been a victim of crime at his gardening company – kept hold of the two burglars until police arrived.

But the court was told it was Woodhouse who was then arrested and accused of using excessive force.


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9 responses to “Having disarmed its citizenry, Britain now prosecutes the use of fence pickets

  1. Anonymous

    formerly great Britain: government by delusional totalitarian pansies

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Exactly. Chief among them David Cameron, Tory and Gordon Brown, Labour. Winston and Maggie weep in heaven.

  2. Peg

    The world gone mad.

  3. Mazama

    Between this sort of thing and the Brits’ de facto capitulation to their emerging Islamic majority there will NOT always be an England.

    Of course the traditional cultures of Greece, Italy and Spain as we’ve known them will almost literally disappear before 2100. By which time I will have been resting peacefully (I hope) at room temperature for many decades.

  4. Fox

    Daily Mail says the guy was found not guilty in 20 minutes. Sanity returns.

    Now, will the US deport Bieber before he kills a few people?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Fox: That’s good news, but the mere fact that a decision was made to prosecute at all is terrible. Imagine if the perps had invaded his home and he defended with a side-by-side 20 guage. He would be going to jail for that. Any way you slice it, GB is fooked unless the Brits rapidly come to their senses, or at least sober up.

    • housecat

      He just got out on a jaw-dropping $2,500 bond – yes, Virginia, that’s twenty five hundred (not $25,000, and certainly not $250,000.) It’s not like he *admitted* to drag racing while both high AND drunk or anything. Predict the next Darwin Award will be presented to his “mother” post-mortem, after the little s*** wraps himself around a tree.

      • housecat

        (I was replying to Fox’s comment about the Biebs, not the guy in the uk. Sorry – should have specified that.)