He must have seen the movie

936full-trading-places-screenshotGypsy “barefoot beggar” in Scotland exposed as fraud when photographer catches him wearing, naturally, shoes.

This barefoot beggar has been exposed as a fraud after a photographer caught him wearing shoes shortly before taking them off and asking for money from passers-by.

The man was seen stepping down an alleyway with a female sidekick before going out into the open in Glasgow city centre to beg with no shoes on.




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2 responses to “He must have seen the movie

  1. Anonymous Citizenette

    Just like the barefoot “homeless” guy the NYPD cop bought boots for last winter. Turns out the guy had an apartment with lots of shoes. And he was back on the street the next day, barefoot once again. I will never again feel guilty for stepping over a NYC beggar again.

  2. ...

    I feel better about that than the executive director of a non profit that sends his kids to elite private schools while the working class stiff donating to the organization is sending his kids to public school.

    If you want to give to an organization – give your time.