Long Meadow sale

56 Long Meadow Drive

56 Long Meadow Drive

56 Long Meadow Road, $1.212 . This sold in a bidding war ($995,000 asked) in 2004 for $1.111 million, and then hit the shoals of foreclosure.

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11 responses to “Long Meadow sale

  1. Cos Cobber

    Seems like a strong price for what it is. But then again, the 800k to 1.5MM zone for non new construction has always been tricky to evaluate. Its always a battle between yesterday’s architectural styles vs budget reality.

  2. NoGolfToday

    Not sure about the 3200 sq.ft
    Looks like more 2400 tops

    And yes, two very big cheers for the Hero Of The Day.
    Nice work Sir Palmer.

  3. Anonymous

    A lot of money for a low rent house!!

  4. Just_looking

    So, the way I read this is the current owner is a realtor that bought it out of foreclosure? Does it happen to be the same realtor that was contracted to lost the foreclosure?

  5. Anonymous

    Tax cars says 2,000sf. Pricey for North Mianus.