Silicon Valley begins to awaken

First, do us no evil

First, do us no evil

Gradually, the leftist entrepreneurs are realizing that the Democrats are not their friends: in fact, they resent and hate them.

Google and other tech firms are now courting Republicans and conservatives as D.C. Democrats move to regulate them (further).

If there were doubts about the animus of the left towards successful entrepreneurs, two stories from the Golden State should dispel them. In Berkley, protestors are targeting the personal residence of a Google engineer working on the first driverless car, while across the bay San Francisco citizens took their first step to rid their city of  high tech workers, imposing restrictions and fees on employee shuttle buses.

Google, Apple, Facebook and other companies use the luxury buses to ferry their workers to and from Silicon Valley campuses. They have become the symbol as well as the battleground for a campaign by activists to reclaim a city they say has been appropriated by the tech elite.

In a small, cramped city, the private buses are forced to load and unload at public bus stops. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency says this forces city buses to stop in traffic lanes, snarling traffic and placing bicyclists in danger. Activists would like to see the buses fined for illegally using public spaces, or perhaps for the companies to pay a substantial fee.

Instead, the transportation agency’s program will ask the buses to pay $1 each time they pick up or drop off passengers.

During many of the comments in favor of the shuttles members of the crowd hissed loudly.

“This is class warfare, this is not an accident,” said Steve Zeltzer, 64, a filmmaker who has lived in San Francisco his whole life. “You allow these companies to illegally use public spaces.”

Mr. Zeltzer described the tech shuttles using public bus stops at no cost as “unbridled capitalism” and accused the transportation agency officials of taking directions “from the tech barons.”

Although reason couldn’t reach tech executives, it seems that self-preservation may.

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