Which is why we seem to keep reelecting Tod Laudonia

Sore loser

Sore loser

No other qualifications that I can think of.

Wolcott tax collector Cheryl Brundage erases all data upon losing election. 



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9 responses to “Which is why we seem to keep reelecting Tod Laudonia

  1. CatoRenasci

    The story doesn’t mention it (of course) but she is a Democrat.

  2. ...

    I’m not convinced “we” elected Tod Laudonia – the RTC did. The fact the Rick Novakowski got that close speaks volumes to hoe poor a job Tod has done and is doing. If Rick had the RTC endorsement and Tod was the democrat he would have lost in a land slide.

  3. Cos Cob voter

    Rick ran a great campaign and I voted for him because he actually wants the job. Todd is seldom in the office and spends most days golfing. For 100K a year the guy should at least show up once a while.

  4. RTC member

    I will vote for Todd again because he is trying ( with many others ) to finally rid the RTC of Campbell. I can’t wait until Jim Campbell gets what’s coming to him. Lets hope others will join Todd in voting for a new RTC chair.

    Campbell wants people to believe that just because he pretended to make up with Sherr everything will be OK. Sorry Jimmy its over.

  5. Anonymous

    Tod Laudonia is a total jerk. It is time for him to go. The RTC should have ousted him but they failed. He is probably the most self important person in Greenwich politics. Time to make the job appointed and get rid of him completely. He also better watch out at st. Lawrence as more and more whispers of impropriety may mean he is out there. Then what will he do when the golf courses are closed.

  6. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Guarantee you that no one in the tax collectors office or the town IT department could figure out how to do that (on purpose at least)