With billion dollar deficits looming, this isn’t good news for Connecticut


Helpless taxpayer gets a scalping

Helpless taxpayer gets a scalping

Foxwoods is laying off croupiers as volume declines. No surprise, as there are now casinos built or in the design stage in the surrounding states, but politicians being what they are, I suspect our Hartford yahoos are “balancing” the books on projected revenues that will never materialize.


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6 responses to “With billion dollar deficits looming, this isn’t good news for Connecticut

  1. Cos Cobber

    Never materialize? You mean, like the Keno trick FF devised a couple years ago to plug Malloy’s budget?

  2. Keno ?? Nothing to see here, move along.

  3. Anonymous

    Hilarious and predictable that the government can’t make money casinos even when government is the house.

    On the bright side, many Nutmeggers aren’t complying with the Hartford Nazis’ and Malloy’s gun confiscation.


  4. FF

    The government has absolutely nothing to do with Foxwoods. As a matter of fact, it is an Ayn Rand fantasy come to life. Because they are on a reservation – technically sovereign territory – they have very little regulation. They have their own courts, you an smoke inside if you want, they even have their own laws and standards. There are some voluntary adherences to state law, but again, they are voluntary. Yet their revenues have fallen almost in half over the past 5 years. However, the Lottery, the governmental behemoth, over regulated, with unionized employees, a full bureaucracy devoted to its regulation inside the Department of Consumer Protection, this company has increased its revenues 50% in the same time period. What say you to that?

    • The state has a monopoly, the faux-Indians lost theirs.
      As for the government having “absolutely nothing to do with Foxwoods” it is entirely a creation of Lowell Weicker – he set it up when he was a senator and profited from it when he became governor. That table was fixed long ago.

  5. armonk

    A few years ago I was at the Turning Stone Casino and Hotel in upstate NY. The restaurant didn’t serve mixed drinks. Naturally, I inquired and was told they didn’t have a liquor license yet from NY State.

    Sovereign nation indeed.

    If either of these Indian nations were really sovereign nations, they would start a TV station beamed to NY. Radio too.